Just received E-mail from Local MP

Just thought I would let you all see an e-mail I just received from my local MP after signing the PIP letter in the sticky above. The letter he has sent to Esther McVey MP I cannot copy and paste but he seems to be on our side and I may even try arrange to meet him in the future. I did not expect to receive any form of communication from anyone after signing the letter so this came as a surprise. Lets hope more MP’s fight our corner eh? This is the e-mail:

Dear Claire

Thank you for your email on this important topic. As you may be aware, I spoke up and opposed many of the changes that the Coalition Government introduced as part of the Welfare Reform Bill, which has now been enacted.

Regarding how the Personal Independence Payment will work, I have written (see attached) to the Disability Minister, Esther McVey MP, to seek clarification on this matter and that the guidance assessors will use ensures that people are treated fairly during the assessment process and end up receiving the appropriate level of support through PIP.

Although my letter specifically raises issues surrounding sight impairment, I will write again raising in particular MS. Obviously I will get back to you once I have received the reply.

Thanks again for bringing this issue to my attention. Meanwhile, I have signed the generic letter to the Minister online.

Yours sincerely,

Graeme Morrice MP
Livingston Constituency

Thanks Claire,you’ve done a bit to help everybody.If the MP does as he says the letter appertaining to MS will help the cause.I’m not convinced about the generic E-mail as I bet there are lots whizzing around Whitehall.

If he sends you a copy of his next letter I wouldn’t mind having a butchers.I can cut+paste,sometimes,so maybe we can find a way of getting you a tutorial.If anybody else has letters from MPs it’d be interesting to see their thoughts when they’re not just sending E-mails.

Thanks again,


Let’s hope we can have some impact!

This is a nice reply Claire.

I wrote to my MP in 2010, who forwarded it on to IDS.

Then got a woolly reply from Maria Miller which hardly inspired any confidence.

However I have just heard that my Tory MP (Cardiff North) isn’t even standing at the next election, so I feel there’s little point in contacting him again.

I shall resume correspondence with a new (Labour?) MP in 2015 I think.

Take care.