Letter from Esther McVey

Good morning

I have today received an e-mail from my local MP. Attached to the e-mail is a letter from Esther McVey regarding the changes to PIP. I have a lot of brain fog just now and it is 4 pages long so I am having trouble reading it. My problem is I wanted to copy it on here to see if someone could tell me what she is saying but it has been sent through windows photo viewer and I cannot figure out how to copy it. Can anyone help please.

Many Thanks


Hello, Claire

Your actual e-mail should tell you the name of the file that is attached to it.
The filename should end in a dot and three or four letters, like [.jpg or .jpeg or .html].
The letters after the dot are what says which program is neded to open it.

The chances are that it was put through a scanner and has come out as a.jpg, which would be hard to post here without some extra processing. I will PM you on this.


think this may work as a link to the email i recieved re this matter also