Advice regarding PIP letter update!!


I posted earlier this week about not having a letter regarding my PIP since March 2019 but receiving my money.

Since then I managed to speak to someone on their contact/complaint number. The guy said my details had been downloaded to an address in Manchester! I have never lived in Manchester, he was unable to tell me how/why this would of happened but just put my address back in place.

It worries me who would/could of done this, was it a genuine mistake, how/why did it happen? Could they have got hold of my bank details etc.

Does anyone know of a email/postal address I could write to to complain, it might not just be me that this has happened too.

Thanks in advance

Meriel xx

Hi Meriel, I can see how worrying this is. I would ask to speak to a manager in the PIP dept. We know computers get the blame for having made an error…but someone has to press a button for anything to happen, yeh?


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You will get nowhere, Bouds! you remember when I was dead…according to the DWP, oh sorry got £100 consolation payment, no name, caused me so much hassle! Still don’t know if it affe cted my passport!

i would expect this is input error. SOMETIMES the offices like DWP use temp staff and they don’t always get the right training. It doesn’t take much to press the wrong address button on a database or some ones name. If you had issues this happened back in 2019 you would have known about it now i would have thought.

if you feel unsafe just change all your logins for on line services etc. did the guy tell you what address it went too? To be honest 2 years ago i would think you are fine, and it should now be sorted.

Oh sorry I didn’t see second post on the topic obviously you can just ignore what I have previously written.