Mp's letter

There was a MSS capaign a little while back asking people to e-mail their MP’s to ask them to attend an awarness day at the house of commons. I duly did this and thought no more of it. a letter came this morning on very official looking paper and was addressed to my husband! I am the one who sent the e-mail/have the MS!!

It does not fill me with confidence that his left hand knows what his right is doing! He also said he would ‘make every effort’ to attendend the awarness day…call me a cynic but i expect he will make every effort bar the one needed to actually attend!

Thought i would just have a quick rant about that…much better now, thanks!

Laura x

Rant warranted!

luv Pollx

i got a letter from my mp saying he would attend and if i attended he would be pleased to speak to me.would love to do that but unlike him i don,t have a big fat expense account, on benefits i lucky to be able to pay for petrol.tories are a joke!


Rant is defo needed for this one.

I got my reply from my local mp, official paper etc. It was full of spelling mistakes. The worst was they got my name very wrong. My spelling is awful at the best of times but when it has to be perfect it is. So corrected it with red pen and sent it back. Didn’t hear back from them oh well.


LOL! Fair play to you for sending it back though - I might do the same.

I only realised how bad my spelling was when i joined this forum, I can’t rely on the spell-checker!