Treat Me Right campaign

I think that none of us needs to be encouraged to support this campaign.

Signed, everyone should have the right to access to real treatments and quick change to a different DMD if they don’t get on with one.


Now I wait with bated breath for an anodyne letter from my local MP - giving the Tory Central Office response.
Of course, if enough MPs get to worry about the upcoming EU elections (and next year;s Westminster elections) something might just get done.


Some twat accused me of being a tory, If I get a letter from Iain Duncan Smith your see on BBC news MS person assaults Iain Duncan Smith. Then screams Metal rocks and pop sucks and so does LDN and HSCT and then foams at the mouth

all I said wa tw at meow


My head is spinning look at all the abbreviations (sorry a bit off topic) DMD,MP,EU,BBC,MS,LDN,HSCT Can’t sleep! :slight_smile:


Signed as well


Signed. I cannot complain about my treatment since I was transferred to a specialist hospital but I know it isn’t the same for so many others. That’s just not right …


I signed as well tonight, everyone should get all the treatment that they need, these CCG’s have a lot to answer for, we hear a lot about the things that they do not fund and nothing about what they do fund.

I signed. I’m really lucky and have freat support from neuro, ms nurse and continance nurse but I know this isn’t the case for everyone.

Freckles x

Signed and sent a letter to my local MP.

It took me 12 months, 3 neuro changes and a letter to the PCT before I got on Rebif for my CIS. The PCT confirmed I was entitled to it all along. A nurse told me I’m the only person with a CIS on DMD’s under that hospital. Shameful. Getting DMD’s was like going into a nuclear war armed with just a rifle.

Please support the cause.

Signed. I look forward to my local MP replying to my letter…it will be the usual waffle.

Before long we will be on first name terms

seems I may have a battle like this ahead of me… I’m diagnosed with MS, but have had only one episode so far and I was told by my neuro that I was not eligible for DMD despite positive MRI and LP. But cases like yours show that I may in fact be eligible. What do you think Humbug?



But where’s all the rest of us???




Signed it Kath