MS Society welfare campaign and link to a petition to sign

There’s a campaign by the MS Society and link to a petition to sign.

"That’s why we’re campaigning to make welfare make sense

We are calling on the UK Government to make welfare make sense.

  • Disability benefits assessments must accurately take into account the fluctuating and hidden symptoms of MS and their impact.
  • The disability benefits system must take adequate account of evidence from experienced professionals who understand the person’s condition.
  • Existing criteria which do not reflect the barriers faced by people with MS should be changed.
  • People with MS must be able to rely on support when they need it, without unnecessary burden or constant fear of having it taken away."


Now, in a few days time, I expect to get an email from my MP (well, from his local office) giving me the considered response (otherwise waffle) from Tory Central Office. Still, as a junior minister he must be very busy, poor chap.


Signed and shared on Facebook!

All signed by me and my family. And thanks.


Signed and sent x

Signed x

Signed by myself & a few of my friends signed it also… Thanks for posting this Lenney! x

Signed, sealed and will be delivered soon (not on face ache but missus is hehe!). Nice job centurion Czech

Signed and also annoyed because the ESA won’t pay my national insurance for me even though they agree I can only work 10hrs a week!!!

Signed sealed and shared. Hope this helps


I’ve signed. I’m all for the campaigns but what happens to the collected information after? The Treat Me Right campaign seems ongoing but not really going anywhere at the same time :-/