Make welfare make sense for people with MS

Much thanks to Lenney (who already posted this) and to all who’ve signed it already. More than a third of people with multiple sclerosis who claim disability benefits are finding assessments are harming their health, according to a new MS Society report.

Our new campaign MS: Enough: Make welfare make sense is calling for:

  • disability benefits assessments to take into account the fluctuating and hidden symptoms of MS and their impact accurately
  • the disability benefits system to take adequate account of evidence provided by experienced professionals who understand the person’s condition
  • existing criteria which do not reflect the barriers faced by people with MS to be changed -people with MS to be able to rely on support when they need it, without constant fear of having it taken away
  • the Government to undertake a full impact assessment of any further changes they undertake to disability benefits – including the knock on effects on other areas of public spending such as health and social care
  • the Government to work with the disabled community and disability organisations to ensure that back to work support is adequate and addresses the barriers individuals face

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Perhaps now the MS Society could write to NICE with their survey findings and get them to recognise stress impacts on MS?

Currently NICE do not recognise stress impacts on MS. When patients are suspected of having MS few medical professionals are advising them stress could impact on their symptoms. Those that are advised by experienced and understanding neurologists are helping the patient. This needs to become standard and part of the guidelines for treating MS.

Patients that are advised of this can make positive changes in their lifestyle.


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