MS Society video & petition / benefits!

Hi gang, hope this link works!

MS Society video for new campaign to make benefit assessments fairer. It’s very good… plus a link to sign the petition.

Please sign and share on Facebook and Twitter if you can.

​Pat xx

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Nice video and made the point about the difficulties we face in a very clear and effective way.

Well done MSS.

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Thanks Pat. Let’s hope they take notice, I cry every time I have to sit and claim again, not only is it a nuisance but as someone who’s always worked and was really proud of my achievements, I find it very degrading, feeling like I’m begging for every penny. Don’t you wish they could live a month in our shoes (slippers in my case) before they were allowed to make decisions on our awards?

Cath x

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Hi Cath, yes I cry over the forms as well. I find them degrading and totally exhausting.

But I believe in the welfare state so I try not to feel like I am begging or getting ‘a free ride’. Not always easy. I suppose it’s a bit easier for me because I’m 62 and if they hadn’t changed the pension age I would now be getting my pension!

The one reason I buy a lottery ticket… only one and only on Saturday… is because I would love to come off benefits!

There seems to be a culture of not believing that people are really ill… that they are ‘putting it on’… and it goes right through society from the benefits system to individuals. Wish they could all spend a week in my slippers!

Pat xx

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Same here Cath and Pat…still that lottery win maybe just around the corner!

Feeling sarcastic to the neuro who told me 30 odd years ago that a cure was just around the corner!! Hopefully not the same corner as the lottery win.

Keep smiling

Pam x


I suppose it’s true too that there are quite a few “benefit cheats” which makes it harder for the genuine claimants.

Like you both I’m waiting for the lottery win to save tears and frustration (the odd little luxury in the shopping trolley would be nice too). And to get my dad into a bungalow - I’ve just had to dash down and patch him up after another “little fall”. Fortunately the paramedics deemed it okay to avoid a trip to A+E but as you probably know, head wounds bleed dramatically!! Time for another shower methinks!

Life is never boring and I’m very lucky, there are many people a lot worse off than me.

Take care

Cath x

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Great little video. Gets across the message so simply but movingly.


Now Jeremy Corbyn wants questions from us all, maybe the MS Society can set up a link so we can all e-mail him to ask when we will be treated fairly


Pam, i too was told there was a ‘cure just around the corner’ 23 years ago,some b****y corner.

J x


Hello Pat,

I find them very degrading …i hate he intrusive questions…and when the Atos woman asked me to memorise the content of her bag and could i take away 7 from a hundred i felt completely stupid! …couldn’t focus after that on any other question… and then i forgot what was in her bag!


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