1 day left on this survey!

In order for us to campaign and lobby the government with powerful facts, we need statistics, opinions and YOU.

Could you take 20 minutes or so to share your experience of claiming disability benefits like ‪#‎ESA‬, ‪#‎PIP‬, ‪#‎DLA‬ or Access to Work?

And it would be fabulous if you could share it amongst others who can help us…

The survey is here :

Thanks in advance…

Stewart (admin)

Done Stewart, the link works this time.

Jan x

Hmm, I’m struggling with this because the ESA group question don’t have an answer that’s relevant to me. I’m still awaiting assessment, but that’s not an option in the answers, so I can’t select anything other than “don’t know” for which group am I in. :frowning:

I’ve never been assessed either, so if there was no other option i put don’t know or neither agree or disagree.

Jan x

Apologies for any frustration felt and inability to fill certain fields. Appreciate that’s upsetting…thanks for trying.

We received a total of 1,898 completed responses, which is excellent, so thank- you!

The Survey has now closed…

Stewart (Admin)

Oh great! That’s way more than the 250 amount you said you needed :smiley:

Indeed. Very happy. Once again, thanks.

It all helps to give us a voice and show that LOTS of people are affected by this…

Stewart (admin)