Petition to add MS to Medical Exemptions list

I have just seen this on site. Please sign for MS to be added.


Signed it. Seems as if quite a few more signatures are needed. (hint hint!)

Tippy x

I got the certificate when i applied for it.

I got it under this.

  • a continuing physical disability which means you cannot go out without the help of another person

My doctor just signed it off for me.


signed and shared




I’ve signed it, even though I think it’s pointless, that list hasn’t changed in decades.

I’ve always though it bloody silly which conditions are included and which are not.

As Crazy Chick said, you can get medical exemption on grounds other than a specific diagnosis.


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Signed, even though we don’t pay for them in Scotland it’s ridiculous you all are expected to pay for them

Signed, for whatever good it will do.

The list of exempt conditions was created at a time when things like MS weren’t treatable, so there was no reason to include them. Now doctors know that MS causes problems other than just neurological, so medication other than DMTs (if available for a particular variant) are required. Unfortunately inertia plus general problems with NHS funding prevents the list being reviewed and revised. I don’t see the situation changing any time soon. Even when it does, there’s no guarantee that MS will be added to the list of exemptions. Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but experience wins over hope, in this case.

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Signed, prepay mine at moment!

Hope33 - My daughter signed up yesterday and passed the info through to me. I have signed up and will endeavour to pass to everyone I come in to contact with from now on. That will help to reach the 100,000 names needed to get MS added to the Medical Exemptions List if we can get everyone to sign as well. I’d no idea there was such a list so it would be good to get this set up.


Well, it’s passed 10,000 signatures so the government will have to respond to the petition. We need about 90,000 more signatures to get it discussed in parliament.

Hubby has just signed, so that’s one more.


signed and shared but I think it’s pointless because the NHS needs all the money it can get. We either privatise or pay more. I rather the latter.

Signed and shared

Hi there folks,


Tick in the box where I can’t get to Dr unless accompanied!

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Signed, sealed and delivered x