Dear my fellow MSers,

I came across this link

I thought ‘if every MS sufferer were to take a minute to sign this, our care would be talked about in the Commons’

Hi mem,

Thanks for the link, just checked it out and I agree that ms users need better support. You have got my backing so I signed it.


Well done, I’ve signed. :slight_smile:

signed :slight_smile:

Thank you Guys for signing.

I believe that this e-petition is new. 100,000 signatures is needed before it’s looked at so still a long way to go.

How many MS sufferers are there in the UK?

Hi mem,

I checked various websites and it is not clear. It ranges between 100,000 & 200,000.


Just signed

Signed :

(…but suspect it may detract a little from the purpose of this petition when the intro statement has grammar & spelling errors?)


Signed and asked my partner to sign too…

I noticed that too Dom.

Signed though and thanks mem.

Shazzie x

sheep mark is on it :slight_smile: good call


There’s also a petion on lazy spellers

Hahahaha!!! Very good mem.

Thanks mem, signed it


Signed :slight_smile:

Signed x


Is this the one I signed that they forward on to your MP? I had a lovely reply from my MP. Jan x

Good morning Jan,

The link is an e-petition calling for better support for people with MS.

I’ve no idea who started this e-petition but is fairly new. Once the are 100,000 signatures, the House of Commons have a debate on the issue.