MS register reminder

Well I finally did it thanks to my mate JD.

Not sure what they do with this data they did ask who we should send it to, so I replied the Tossers at ESA and Cameron. (Blame JD)

Just incase you have not heard of this questionaire its easy and does not take to long and hopefully might make a difference. thumbsup

Just actually filled this in about 5 mins ago myself, didn't take too long at all

HI MontyMole.

That makes it about 92,000 to go.

I would not get my hopes up about the register.

At this rate it will take about ten years to complete.

Then take in to acount people that have no computer.How do there voices get heard.[spoke to the MS society about this and they are looking in to it]

It seems to me that they are wasting money on this project,and not spending the money on what is needed,research fuel poverty,the list could be endless but not this.

It took years of planing this project and they had no idea about the cost.Not sure they even know now.

These are just my thinking of this, other people will disagree me and that is okay too.

Take Care.



Ha well, No biggy I get what your saying and kinda agree, but some MS people dont have cars etc and their local branch does

pick them up for branch meetings.


My Hillingdon branch provides this service and I have donated a laptop to them so the older people and non comp owners to get online and view our branch website and look up any MS info.


So I don't see why they cant do the survey and thats extra numbers and if every branch could provide a online service

then this does address part of the issue you mention.



On another not, blimey the type box on default typing has gotten really really small had to put my Joe 90 glasses on cool