MS Register is nobody that interested

I find it hard to believe that nobody is intrested in what is happing within the society. In my last post about the MS Register had 60 hits but nobody agreed or disagreed on this. I am talking about what i think is discimination in that people without computers have no say,no paper version. Please agree or disagree so i no that people do care.on this site. I find it hard as a lot of people already face discrimination every day. Not sure why i have a bee in my bonnet about this but i do. Take Care All. Chris

Hi Chris Sorry I didn’t reply before; I took your comments as rhetorical. :oops: I do agree that all pwMS should be given a chance to sign up to the register. Would it be possible to include a reply form in the next MS mag. asking those members who are interested but not ‘on line’ to send off for a paper copy of the forms. Then the MSS would only have to print off and distribute the paperwork (cost effective see!) to those who ask for it. You are quite right to have an insect in your headgear! Clarex

Hello Chris, I didn’t realise there was no paper version of the register. I think it’s a start,but only that,a start and a lot more needs to be reguarding the register. So not giving people the opportunity to register unless they have internet access is discrimination and badly thought out. Surely the Society could do a mail-shot,after all they send out begging letters to people with MS so don’t see why they can’t do the same with the register, Take care,xxjo

I believe that everyone in the UK has access to the internet for free. I k now that in the past there were computers at every public library - as far as I know this is still the case. If that still holds true all you need to do is go to your local library to use a computer.

I teach adults and know what a barrier ICT is to a lot of people. Accessing a computer is only a small part of the problem. Without going into all the theory and practice. Communication should be available in all formats to suit the individual. If people want a paper version, I fully support that, in the same way I would support an audio format, a braille format a large font format etc etc. Anita x