anyone esle filled in this survey?

Found this on twitter

Positive About MS ‏~~@~~PositiveAboutMS 2h

Want to shape @mssocietyuk strategy? Say what you think by completing this survey! …

I spend ages on twitter and saw this.

xx Don

Done. I’ve filed a few surveys out recently for ms but don’t think I’ve had that one before. I don’t know if we ever achieve much but I’m happy thinking it might. Take care

Cath xx

Hi Cath you sound like me the pessimistic eternal optomist thats me

Have a good a day bright sunshine here in MARGATE

I have x

I’ve done it but have to be honest I might have done it before…cog fog! Nina x

Thanks for letting us know, just completed it.

Pauline xx

I don’t know if these things work but it’s only a minute or so doing it for them.

This has just been sent to me, so I am also completing it. It may be of help in the future. Jackie xx

The MS Register have regular surveys, they did publicise this one too.
I do try to keep up with them, it is a way of making your voice heard, which is something we all want I’m sure.

Hmmm my wife recons she has heard enough of my voice especially when its “Hev can you do this” or “Hev can you pick that up” evidently its worse than having a two year old!

(the angel is me cos I am a little angel evidently)