Travelling with Avonex


I’m due to go to Australia for 4 weeks later in the year. In the past when I have done long trips I have temporarily changed from Avonex pre-filled syringe to the vial format as it is easier to maintain the correct storage temperature while travelling around. Doing some research today I’ve just discovered that the vial format was withdrawn by Biogen in the UK earlier this year :frowning:

I’m just wondering how anyone else manages to transport Avonex when going away for longer than a week? I’ve only travelled once before with a huge polystyrene cool box with icepacks that caused me loads of problems at Gatwick airport, and this was BEFORE all the liquid bans had come into force. I had all the correct medical letters but they still weren’t happy. I’m flying from Heathrow - are they any more understanding?

Any tips/advice would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: