Transporting Avonex to Australia

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. I’m going to Oz later this year for 3 weeks and will need to take my Avonex. Any ideas how to transport them to regulate their temperature till I can put them in a fridge.
thanks. Jim

Hi Jim,

I have done 5 long haul trips with change of planes on each. KLM, Emirates, name a few. I take two large Gel ice packs to pack around the injections and before we take off I ask cabin staff to place the whole bag in their fridge. They have always been happy to oblige. On one occasion due to delay the ice packs had started to melt so they put those separately in the freezer for me.

It’s short haul that can be more problematic as they don’t sometimes have capacity or even a fridge!

I have even got airport bar staff tip a load of ice in the bag before now.

I also take a thermometer in the bag handy for holiday fridges as well as some can be too cold.

Hope this puts your mind at rest a little.