Travelling with Avonex

I’ve been taking Avonex now for just 4 weeks and I’m about to go on my first overseas trip. I have my cool bag all ready and all the paperwork.

I think the nurse that trained me in doing the injections told me that when I go through security at the airport I need to take the drugs out of the cool bag and carry them with me as the xray machine will ruin them.

Bit nervous about travelling and wonder if that is correct or did I just make it all up ??!!!???!!??

thanks everyone


Hi Aimi

I’m on Avonex as well. When I used Gatwick airport, the whole bag went through the x-ray machine and it was fine. They did open the bag though as they have to check what’s inside, the cool packs were the problem! You do need a letter from your gp though to state why you need to carry needles into the airplane cabin. The cool bag didn’t count as extra hand luggage and I think this applies to all airlines.

Incidentially, on the way back, using Malaga Airport, they didn’t check the bag at all and my used injection and the cool packs were in there.

Have a good trip!


Thanks Lynne Unfortunately I didn’t get on very well with the lady that came to train me in doing the drugs, not an MS nurse but from a drug company. She told me a few things that a nurse friends thinks were a bit odd, Got all the paper work from Bupa so I’m good to go. Cool blocks are the problem as apparently good place to store doggy stuff !!!

Hi Aimi

There is no issue with putting Avonex through the airport xray. The Avonex site FAQs section cover this.

I have been on Avonex for 7 years and travel at least every 2 months and have never had an issue with having my Avonex and cool bags in the cool box in my hand luggage. I always take a letter from my MS Nurse and BUPA but have never been asked in country for it.

Enjoy your trip!!

Thanks, I’m at Gatwick tomorrow at 4.30am so fingers crossed no problems!