Travelling with Avonex

I’ve only been taking avonex for a few weeks and I’m about to head off on my first overseas trip tonight with the drugs. My cool bag is already to go and have all the paper work.

When the nurse trained me in doing the injections I think she said that when I go through security at the airport I need to take the drugs out of the cool bag and carry them in my hand as they must not go through the xray machine as they will be ruined.

Is that right or have I just made all that up ??!!??!

Thanks everyone.

Just seen that nobody has answered you so bumping you up to the top! bump

Can you contact your drugs provider and check with them? My Rebif is delivered by BUPA and they are usually available until 8pm so I can phone with queries and they are very helpful. Sorry I cannot be any more use.

Tracey x