avonex and travel


I’m travelling by plane next week and need to take my avonex pen. Does anyone know:

A. How do i go about legally carrying this on board?

B. Do i keep it cold or can it be at room temperature for a day?

Thanks x

In answer to the first one- you have to have a letter from the gp/neurologist to explain that you’re on medication and allow you to have it taken on the aircraft. In relation to the second question how long is the flight? And do you have a cool box?

Hi, thanks for replying. I do have a cool pack and the flight is a couple hours with a few hours of driving. Will call gp tomorrow.

Debs xxx

Did you get provided with a travel cool bag when you started on Avonex? I was provided with one. I took a letter from my GP explaining why I needed to take injections into the flight cabin last year. Security at Gatwick looked at everything, letter, cool packs, the lot. Malaga, on the way back, nothing!

Avonex shouldn’t be stored at anything more than 25 centigrade. We’re flying out to Lake Garda next Wednesday for our 10th wedding anniversary which is normally my injection day. My MS nurse said it wouldn’t hurt to miss one injection so that’s what I’m doing. It will be nice to have a little break from side effects for a week.

Have a nice holiday

Lynne xx

Hi Debs, I am not on Avonex now but I used to be for 8 years. I agree with Lynne, my MS nurse also told me it wouldn’t do any harm to miss it for a week. This is what I used to do in the end as even with a letter from GP it was still a lot of hassle at the airport at times. When I started it I was given a travel cool bag, this has to go on board with you otherwise it will freeze when it goes into the hold. Hope this helps and you have a great holiday. Anne x


Just came across this post and hoping someone can help! I was provided with the Avonex cool bag when the nurse came to show me how to use the injections. Need to use it this week and can’t find the instructions, or remember if it’s the clear or white pack that goes in the freezer and how to then stack them in the bag!! Does anyone have a copy of the instructions please?


Denise x