Long term travel with avonex

Hi. I have a question about medication which I have tried asking my provider but their helpline is always busy and they are not replying to my email, so I wonder if anyone here can help? I currently take avonex through weekly injections, which I get delivered 6 at a time and have to keep refrigerated. I am planning (conditional on sorting this issue out) to leave my job in London and go travelling around Europe for at least 9 months, should be all EU countries. I am therefore trying to understand what my options are for avonex. Is anyone able to tell me: - assuming I have space to refrigerate as I travel (I will most likely be travelling in a campervan), should I be able to get bulk supplies to take with me? - I have seen reference to a dry version of avonex which could be easier to store. But I can’t find much info about this at all. Can anyone point me to more detail? - has anyone from the UK tried getting avonex (or equivalent) delivered internationally? Eg is it possible to have it sent to a certain place and where I would pick it up? Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!