Travelling by plane with Rebif and Rebismart in hand lugguge - advice needed please!


Could anyone confirm whether I need a doctors letter when travelling by plane as I will have a cartridge in the Rebismart and one extra cartridge in my hand luggage when I go on holiday in a few weeks. I know that liquids in small amounts are allowed but you have to present them in a clear plastic bag and I’m wondering if I will have any problems?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve never needed a doctor’s letter, but it’s best to have one just in case - you never know when you might come across a newbie jobsworth. Just give BUPA (or whoever) a ring and they should send you a letter.

Have a great holiday

Karen x

Thanks I’ll give them a call…mind you if they decide to take it off me at the airport I’ll actually be quite pleased not to have to inject for the week…lol!


Hi Abbey. Your ms nurse could also provide a letter - mine did. I’ve flown several times with rebif carrying syringes and the rebiject and have only ever been challenged once and then they never looked at the letter. Still, it’s best to have one. Happy hols. Roger

When I got my rebismart/rebif for the first time, it came with a little laminated card sign by the doc and including my passport details basically okaying me to travel with liquids and needles.

I find that most airport security are pretty understanding. I just make sure I have my rebif travel pack ready in case they want it open to take a look and have a quick word with the agent letting him know I’ve got medicine. He then tells the guy watching the scanner that there’s medicine and needles in my bag. I’ve never needed to put the cartridges in a separate plastic bag.

Hi, i travelled with these a couple of months ago, ask your drug del’ company for a small cool bag and ice packs, you will need a letter from your ms nurse that you have needles etc, my letter had my flight details on it and that it couldn’t go through the x-ray machine.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I called and left a message for my GP asking for a letter so hopefully one will be on its way soon.

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Hi Abbey,

I travel with Copaxone so a needle for everyday. The first time I flew I had a letter from my neurologist and one from the drugs company too. I was only away for eight days but I made sure I had a couple of extra syringes just in case. I showed the paper work and said they could only go through a “film safe X-ray” which they assured me are the only type of X-ray used at the airports. All in all not a bad experience. Ever since I’ve carried the paperwork when traveling and have never experienced any trouble. I carry all the equipment in a coolbag/rucksack supplied by Copaxone. Longflights are more difficult, it may be worth asking the airline; that you would appreciate using the onboard fridge.

Have a great trip.

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I have travelled several times including the States and never had aproblem until las year when the security staff at Birmingham airport had an issue with the ice packs that had melted. After a lot of aggro they let me through with one but confiscated the others. I never leave he cartridge in the Rebismart as I was informed it can jam if it’s not kept upright. Itis perfectly ok to remove it partially used and finish it off on return. Have a good holiday.

Hi, I am in Spain at the moment and had a nightmare of an experience to get here. The ice blocks in my travel kit were confiscated, my bag, needles, rebismart were all swabbed in front of everyone and it took an hour to get through security. My youngest daughter crying and me completely stressed as a first timer!! My Rebif was taken off me and handed back as I boarded the plane and the air hostess gave me ice cubes to put in travel bag to keep it cool. I had a letter from my hospital and everything all together in 1 bag. My question is how do you get around the freezer block problem? I am starting to dread the journey back. Thanks for any advice you could give me. C x


Cazhoz…I deliberately delayed starting my Rebif until next Monday as we had a holiday booked (I’m writing this from Ibiza!). I guess the only way around the freezer blocks (and this is just a theory, but it should work) is to get some smaller ones…i.e. which contain 100ml of fluid or less each…seal them into the clear plastic bags allowed and hand them over at security. There would then be NO reason for them to not let them through and you could put them back in the cool bag in the clear plastic bags. That’s my idea and what I’ll try next year anyway! Good luck x

I flew to Munich 2 years ago with EasyJet but didn’t need ice packs as the weather was in the low 20s (one of the reasons we chose Munich - I don’t tolerate heat). They weren’t interested in the needles etc although they did have a look at my travel sharps bin on the return journey but by this point I had sealed it. I would suggest using small ice packs. Always carry your Rebif in hand luggage as there is the risk of it freezing if you check it into the hold of the 'plane. I also had a letter from BUPA confirming that I was travelling with injectable medication but security didn’t bother to read it.

Tracey x

Thanks all! I was flying with Jet 2 but the airline were great it was security which was the problem and the airline has no control over that. We are here for a month so may just have to leave the left over cartridges out of the fridge on my return to England. It was just embarrassing at the time as I thought I had everything covered only to find out I didn’t!!! Plus they were talking to me like an idiot about my ‘insulin’ and how they have loads of diabetics through security and not once has anyone refused to put medication in the hold. Never mind, you live and learn. Thanks for the advice, will hunt for small ice packs and my husband is writing letter of complaint. C x

Hello. Do you know if we can travel with the rebismart without the heavy case, only the machine with the freezing bag and ice packs and carry also only an extra cartridge instead of the whole box? I am travelling just for 3 days which means that I will only need an extra cartridge (I have needles back in where I am travelling to). I have never experienced any problem with carrying this, but I only travelled from Portugal to London with it, but I have not yet travelled from London to other places as I am quite new to this medication!

Thank you