Rebif and my holiday

Quick question;

Does anyone know what i should do with my Rebif when im flying? i fly to poland on sunday and ive just realised i dont know what to do... im not sure whether i check it in as hand luggage etc, ive been told that i cant have it checked in with my luggage due to the temp, do i need a letter or something to prove what i take it for?

any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

Hope your all well


Hi there you need to get a letter from either your ms nurse doctor or neuro. Im on betaferon and when i fly i keep it in my had luggage again can't go in case due to temp but i have never been asked for my letter but it does state you need one if you are carrying needles and there's always that chance they will ask for it so better to be prepared. 

Have a nice holiday.


Thankyou :) how do you find betaferon? its just my neurologist is considering changing me from rebif as it isnt helping (5 relapses since september) xx

Definitely keep it in your hand luggage - you don't want it to get lost in transit!

You can get a letter from whoever supplies it (e.g. BUPA) or from your MS nurse or GP. I've never been asked for one, but better safe than sorry.

Remember to keep the cartridges cool - I recommend the FRIO bags (SO much easier than using a cool box!). The diabetes injector pack (or something like that) holds 3 Rebif cartridges. There are alternative manufacturers too, so shop about :-)


BTW, if Rebif isn't working, then the obvious alternative is Copaxone because it isn't an interferon. Or Tysabri - if you are relapsing while on an injectable, you might be eligible. Hopefully fingolimod (Gilenya) will be available soon; that would be an option too.


Have a great holiday!

Karen x

Hi there, I’m glad you brought this up because we are looking to go abroad this year and im on rebif. I was wondering to what you had to do? Question answered now! Hope you have a great trip. Nicola x

i just started on rebif this week and got all the information books handy, you should have got a rebif passport with your meds. and your gp will stamp it,and you keep it cool with ice packs in hand luggage. hope you have good time omg just realised where you going, will it not be tooooo cold for you, cold hurts me.