How to travel with Rebif


Just a quick question. How do I travel with Rebif.? I haven’t been given a travel bag to keep it cool.




theres a small one on amazon for under £10 and am sure theres lots of others.

or did u mean that u were meant to be provided with one?

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Well, I’m going back to Wales tomorrow and I thought I was meant to get a travel back but I haven’t. I suppose I can improvise.

Thanks for the reply. x

I was given a travel pack complete with freezer blocks when I started - presumably by rebif Merck Serono manufacturers and delivered by Bupa Home Health. Rebif is fine at room temp for up to a month anyway. R

Hi Adrian You should have had everything delivered with your first delivery from Bupa home Health. If you haven’t had first delivery yet…it’ll be on it’s way. If you have, give them a ring on the number they should have left you with on a card in your file. Xx

My advice would be to remember to take a new cartridge with you!

I recently went away and very carefully counted the number of needles and checked the battery but totally forgot about the drug itself. My husband tried to send it by courier but failed due to some new helpful law.

Anyway no ill effects but hopefully I have learnt for another time.


You should have been given or can request a travel bag for them from BUPA or who does it in your area. I have brought the pack that is used for keeping insulin cool, it works very well when a fridge is not available and its to hot to leave out.

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Thanks for your replies. I improvised. I didn’t realise that it was BUPA that provided. I see, they’ll give you a drug which costs the NHS £14,000 a year and provide it through a private company but won’t give you any benefits to live on. Great system. Not.

Thanks. I’ll ask about the bag.