Cool box for Rebif

Hi everyone

This is the first time I have really been on this site - and the first time I have ever posted on a forum! So excuse me if it is obvious I am not an expert.

I would really appreciate any advice anyone has.

I have RRMS - diagnosed in May this year. I started taking Rebif about 5 weeks ago - a bit of a shaky start but I’m beginning to feel much better now…

I am very lucky to be travelling to visit my sister in Seattle next week. However, the cool box I got with the Rebif only keeps things cool for 10 hours - I will need more like 24 hours door-to-door travelling.
If anyone has any advice as where to get coolboxes that last 24 hours plus that would be brilliant. Travelling next Friday so getting a bit stressed about it!

Thank you x

Hi Erica

and welcome to the forum.

Firstly, well done with the Rebif, good to hear that you are getting on better with it now.

I would suggest looking online at the cool bags that are designed for insulin. I think they are meant to keep things cool for longer than those that come with the Rebif pack.

You are lucky, I never travelled anywhere hot enough to need the ice packs (my own choice as I’m not keen on the heat and wasn’t sure how it would affect me). Have a great time. As Jen says, just check with the airlines if you are taking freezer packs to make sure that they are aware you will be taking them.

Do you have your letter from BUPA or whoever delivers your Rebif? If not, get one quickly. If your supplier does one for you, it will be free. Don’t make the mistake of asking your GP surgery as they may charge.

Tracey x