Training to take Rebif

Hello lovely people,

I hope you are able to enjoy this beautiful weather. Or are you like me and spend most of the time wishing for the sun, only to feel like a limp wet rag when we get it!

I’ve got an appoinment tuesday with my ms nurse, to learn how to use the rebismart device. My darling husband made the appointment for me, but forgot to ask the mountain of questions I have!

My main question I’m hoping someone can help with, is what do I take with me to the appointment? I’m thinking just the rebismart and the rebif, but do I take the rebif in the cool bag?

Getting my undies in a twist and winding myself up somewhat!

Freckles x

Rebif lasts a good 14 days at room temp so no need for ice bag. Good luck but you will be fine x

maybe phone to ask, but when i went the nurse had ones there for to practice with and i didnt actually inject anything into myself so didnt need to bring anything

I would take the rebismart device and rebif cartridge and diary booklet and the MS nurse will set it up ready for you to use. You will practice injecting with a practice one and saline then you may well use your own device and actual rebif and the nurse will oversee you do your first injection.

When I started rebif the rebif nurse came to my house and went through everything and then I did my first injection in her presence.

Good luck


I agree with Cat. Take your Rebismart, a Rebif cartridge and your Rebif diary. Your nurse should demonstrate the Rebismart (she will probably have her own demonstration one) and will help you set yours up and insert the first cartridge for you. I did some practice injections on a piece of fake skin until I felt brave enough to try it on myself. I actually did my first injection at hospital with the nurse at the training session but I would’ve thought they would’ve told you if this was the case for you. I was told to take paracetamol with me and make sure I wasn’t driving myself. I took the paracetamol before doing my injection and they didnt want me driving the minimum 1.5 hour journey home in case I had the flu type side effects. Hope it goes okay, Freckles Tracey xx

I started in jan, no practice, took the machin had already fitted battery’s, set time date etc, the nurse set the needle speed depth etc, then bang, on the top of arm, green light press button, the thought was worse than the action, hardly felt a thing, three times a week, different place each time, repeated weekly, will say I don’t think it’s done me any good, but unless I could go back to jan, start again without it, how would I know? Make sure you have taken your ibuprofen paracetamol combo regular befor you go, she won’t let you inject if you haven’t. Good luck, don’t expect to much then you won’t be disappointed, and a bonus if its good for you,

It is SO easy to use. I felt all the training I had was a bit over the top!

Maybe you should think about using the cool bag if its as warm as it is today - its 27.7C in my back garden as I type this, and that’s in the shade

Hi all

thanks for the replies. Another thing I as wondering was where was the first site you injected? I’m wondering what to wear, tend to wear trousers all the time.

freckles xx

I did my arm first time. Honestly, it’s really not a big deal. And I hate needles. It’s even easier with the Rebismart.

In the nine years on it, I never injected my tummy - even thinking about it now turns me queasy

I’ve put on so much weight that if I injected my tummy the Rebismart would probably rebound and knock me out!

Freckles xxx

I started Rebif in January and I took the device, cartridge, needle and diary with me. If you want to ake everything then do what you feel easiest with and what will put your mind a rest. She should go through everything with you. I didn’t think it was doing anything for me but after a vist to a new neurologist (I thought my first one was lacking in people skills and information) he said that it would be 6 months to ayear before I knew for sure it was helping or not. They are trying to sort out my other medication too - pregabalin and carbamazapine. So all in all I guess it’s time thet will tell. I have 8 injection sites all between my thighs and tummy. Hope it works for you

Hi All

am counting down to first injection at 3.45!

More nervous of any side effects than the actual injection!

Aaaahhhhhh feeling wimpy!!

Freckles x

Too late now but I bet the thought is worse than the deed. Hope it went well and you don’t get any horrible side effects. I didn’t have any with the first dose. As long as you keep taking painkillers for the first few weeks hopefully you won’t either

Tracey x

Hi Tracey

Well wasn’t too bad at all! Was with my ms nurse for an hour and a half!!

Barely felt anything when I did it. My tummy does feel a little bit tender, and there’s a dent where I injected it!

The thought of doing it was actually much worse than doing it!

Freckles xxx

I’m so glad it went well. You’ll soon be thinking nothing of injecting - it’ll be as automatic as cleaning your teeth. Well done and here’s to many more painless injections.

Tracey xx

I’m glad it went well.

I have just stopped rebif after 9 years and i didn’t have a relapse on it. I have not got worse on it at all.

I hope it works as well for you as it has done for me.