Off for rebif 'training'

Going to the ms clinic in a bit for my rebif training/first injection. Feels like first day of school! Got my rebismart, rebif, battery, screw driver, cool bag, paracetamol and ibuprofen. Am I forgetting anything?! Also, letter from clinic to gp says I have to do 3 injections with the nurse before they let me loose! Have any of you had this? I’m wondering if that means another 2 trips to clinic after today.

Blimey, three times! I had a Rebif nurse come to the house, he came and watched me once then came back three months later to download from the Rebismart and check I’m doing it regularly. It’s a doddle to do really, so three times does seem a bit much.

Well I’m back and you’re right zedsee! I did the injection at the clinic and the nurse is happy to leave me to it now :slight_smile: the MySupport nurse from the drug company is coming in a couple of weeks to download from the rebismart and I can have my blood tests done at my gp’s. It was dead easy! Injected into my abdomen and hardly felt it. Will see how I go with different sites. Sitting waiting to see if I get any ill effects now!

Good news Well done

Well done. That’s how it happened with me except there isn’t a MySupport nurse in my area so I just had check ups at the hospital every 3 months in the first year and that was it.

I bet you’re glad the first one is done and dusted.

Tracey x

Glad it went well, fingers crossed for no side effects.