Rebif nurse


I’m a bit confused (nothing new there!) I recieved my rebif delivery today. My nurse when i saw her last said i would be contacted before my delivery by a rebif nurse to arrange a day for her to come and talk me through the process and do my forst injection with me. I now have the rebif, but have had no call, i have no contact details for this ‘rebif nurse’. Not sure what to do or who to contact? Should i call my MS nurse or the rebif helpline or my bupa contact?


Laura x

Hi Laura! Not sure if this is the same for everyone but the Rebif nurse is your ms nurse (same person) it was for me anyway. Give her a call to let her know you have your delivery. Put your rebif in the fridge between 2-8 degrees in the meantime. I had to take my first injection to the hospital and do it with my ms nurse but that was over 8 years ago and things have changed now. Home visit would have been lovely. Good luck with it all. Take care. Teresa.x

Hi Teresa, thanks for replying. My nurse told me we have a specialist rebif nurse in this area, who deals with all things rebif and does the first injection with us at home. Not sure why maybe to free up the other nurses time? I have left a voicemail for my nurse so hopefully i will get an answer by Friday. It’s so frustrating though - have all this stuff and no idea of what’s going on! x

Hi Laura

I think it depends where you live. My experience was the same as Teresa’s because I’m in a very rural area and my MS nurse covers a huge patch and a lot of patients.

In some areas there is a Rebif nurse who does home visits and guides you through the injection process. They are also on call should you have any problems with the injections in future. Your MS nurse deals with everything else.

In any event the Rebif delivery does arrive first so it is all available before the nurse arrives. He/she will set everything up with you at the first injection.

Hope it all goes well. Just make sure you get one cartridge out of the fridge for a while before the first injection (about 15 mins or so) because I find it stings a bit more if it is cold. I’m sure the nurse will tell you much the same though.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey, can’t believe how much stuff there is for a tiny amount of medicine! x

I have a rebif nurse separate from my hospital ms nurse, he is miles away and covers a really wide area. When I got my first delivery, it was missed to instruct the rebif nurse to come out though and wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t chased it - I would ring your consultant’s pa (or nurse if attached to the consultant) as they raise the prescription and ask for the rebif nurse appointment.

I know - a huge box of stuff! I’ve only ever used the cool bag. The Rebismart is so easy to use I never needed the instruction manual; just the quick start guide. The travel pack I have is now out of date as it fits the old auto injector I used to have but it had some useful stuff in it and so I still have it.

Tracey x

Hi, I started Rebif in Nov and I was allocated a seperate rebif nurse who has been brilliant. She came out for couple of hours first time and went through everything and did my first injection. She has been out since to check on me and my site reactions to make sure settings ok on Rebi smart. She is at the end of the phone if I need her otherwise she phones from time to time to check on me. I think my ms nurse passed my details on to her and I had to call her after delivery and she came out on the next Monday to start me off. Good luck, Rebi smart is amazing!! C xx