starting rebif

hello everyone i am meant to be startin rebif on the 28th march which is next wednesday but i have still not heard anything from the compant that is delivering my injections. i really wanna get started as soon as possible cus the sooner it will hopefully start working. how long before people started there treatment did they have there delivery .

thanks carly xx

Hey my area delivers on mondays, so it may be worth calling them to see when they will be delivering. Mine normally send me a text message the friday before a delivery, there very efficient and i have always found them extremly helpful.


Good luck, let me know how it goes xxx


I get Rebif delivered. The company Healthcare at Home delivers to my area-Wiltshire/Bristol on Thursdays and Mondays. My first box of medication arrived a couple of days before the rebif nurse came out to train me on the rebismart. The deliveries have always been very reliable and they provide a number and website so you can call to check on your ETA.

Hope it all goes smoothly for you- I have been on rebif since August 2011.

Cathy xx

thanku all for ur help does anyone have the number to contact the delivery people? xx

Hi Carly,

As I said in my previous post my delivery company is healthcare at home and they sent me a letter before I received the medication which I had to sign and send a copy back. They also provided me with relevant contact numbers to call them. The rebif nurse then called me to arrange a day she could come to my house to talk me through the medication and how to use the rebismart. She stayed about 2 hours and was really good and I did my first injection whilst she was with me.

I'm sure you will be recieving something soon but give your MS nurse a call as it is her job to co-ordinate everything and she will get in touch with the rebif nurse or give you her number.

Hope it all goes well




I have just spoke to bupa and they are going to deliver to me next Wednesday morning before i have to start treatment so worked out ok thanks thanks for all your help x x