Starting rebif

So I wa supposed to get my rebif delivered for the first time yesterday an it didn’t come! No call no nothing! Has anyone else has these issues with health care at home? I definitely said the 21st!!

I’ve been with healthcare at home for over a year and I must say they have always delivered on the right day…except for last week when I had arranged the day with them, then I got an emergency appt. at hospital on the meds delivery day so I phoned them straightaway and arranged for meds to be delivered on the next day which the HAH person did whilst I was on the phone. I also sent an email to them confirming change of date. But when I got home from hospital, the HAH driver turned up about 5 mins later with my meds. I said to him he was lucky that he’d caught me in as I had changed the date but he didn’t have anything on his sheet about it. That’s the only blip I’ve ever had with them. Have you phoned them yet to find out what’s going on and also let your nurse/rebif trainer know just in case they think you’ve got it already.

Hi, I have always had really good service from Healthcare at home. Did you receive an information pack on the post? It should have a number and the name of your care co-ordinator, give them a call and ask what’s going on. I hope you get it straightened out, good luck on the rebif. Laura x

Yeah I rang them and they said they’d got it down to be delivered tomorrow! Which I know I don’t say as I’m away I’m Devon tomorrow for the weekende! :frowning: hmmph! So now I won’t be around for days to sort it and get it all in the fridge! :frowning: can’t complain I guess seen as my meds are free (: how are you guys finding using dmd’s? Xx

Could you arrange for it to be sent somewhere else? As I think they may not leave it if it can’t go in the fridge straight away but I may be wrong? Others may help with that. I’m doing okay really although the last few weeks I’ve been getting really bad headaches and someone has said although I didn’t have these initially they still may be connected. Hard to say without stopping it and I don’t want to now I’m getting used to injecting etc. Anyway good luck and enjoy Devon. Oh and I’ve had no problems with delivery …mine is delivered by Bupa. Xxx

ive had health care at home del my avonex for 19 mths now with no probs at all, so there must be a cross wire somewhere with your del!!

Yeah I got their welcome pack in the post last night and they seem like a good company, I think maybe the lady who booked it on just put the wrong day down! Hopefully my dad can get it all sorted for me while I’m away! (: I’m going Dorset actually :stuck_out_tongue: I keep thinking I’m going Devon haha! But thanks! I’ve been panicking I’d relapse before now but I’m ok aside from a mega cold I’ve had since Tuesday but that’s not gonna stop me!! (: hehe! Yeah do you take pain killers just after or before? Xxx

Aah I love Dorset. We often holiday there. Have a great time. I took painkillers initially but after a few weeks stopped as I weren’t getting side effects to warrant them. When I did take them I only took them before the jab and that was it. My idea was I’d take more if I felt side effects coming on xxx

I’ve been injecting Rebif since April, no problem until when Healthcare at Home advised that they had run out and couldn’t supply any. I’m due to inject tonight but can’t as I have nothing to inject. Has anyone else suffered from their incompetence?