Healthcare at Home anyone else having problems?

I have just spent over an hour on the phone to HAH following up 2 failed deliveries of Rebif

Anyone else having trouble?

Sorry if this has been discussed lots not been on the website for a while.


Emma x

Emma I’ve had nothing but problems with HAH I was waiting on the phone for 40 minutes there today I gave up

I’ve had 3 failed deliveries since October last year they keep making excuses twice they said no one was at home to sign of my delivery of Fampyra when I wasted a whole day sitting in waiting on It once the delivery driver gave it to a neighbour in the next town to give to me he forgot to call with me yet when I checked the tracking number it said failed delivery that there was no one at home to sign for it, 2 days after my cousins wife came to my house with it. They blamed the bad weather once I can understand that but the driver said no one was at home to sign for it I don’t know who to believe.

They phone a couple of days before I’m due my delivery to make sure its ok to deliver that day I was due a delievery on friday they phoned on monday I told them I couldn’t take it on friday cause I’d a mri that day they said they deliever it next friday on thursday morning I got a txt saying my delievery would be made on friday morning If I couldn’t take it txt back no which I did.

There was no one here but it was just by chance my father called round at the same time a delivery van came to deliver my meds and he was able to sign for it thats what I was trying to phone them about today.

They don’t talk to each other I’ve asked them a few times would the delivery them to my chemist and I can get them there but they say they can’t or won’t do that :frowning:

HAH were really good at first but twice now I’ve spoken to a new bloke to arrange my delivery and twice it’s failed to turn up. I’m afraid to say this customer service operator is hopeless, he’s so vague and mumbles away so you can’t hear him properly.

Today he rang me about Gilenya and said I had to pick it up from the hospital pharmacy…that’s completely wrong and I spoke to my ms nurse who is going to straighten him out about it.

I always find that the ladies I’ve spoke to at HAH are very good.

I got a call from them while out on school run this afternoon. This is the first time I have dealt with them was only dx in February. I phoned them back, after an hour 24 minutes and 12 seconds they answered… My ms nurse is making a formal complaint as it’s not the first time someone in her care has had such bad customer service. Let’s hope my rebif turns up on Saturday I have read some pretty bad reviews on not showing up when specified.

I have had 3 failed deliveries and have now ran out completely of Rebif. They are impossible to get through to on the phone as it rings out after an hour. They finally promised a same day delivery today. Told me the van had left and I would get a delivery at 7pm. Called me again to confirm and said driver would confirm when half an hour out. It is now 22.30 and still no sign so I am going to bed…The hospital have been trying to get hold of them too but to no avail. I have been unable to find out who manages the contract with them as I am going to escalate. If I can’t find that out it will have to be a letter to my MP.

Update: My Rebif was posted through my letterbox sometime after 1am last night and was there (nice and warm and unrefrigerated) when I got up at 7am this morning…Good job we don’t have a dog or young child and that he got the right house! and I still can’t get an answer on their phoneline and nobody anywhere seems to know who manages this service so I can escalate.It might have to be my MP just on the basis nobody knows who is responsible.

You need to read the HAH reviews on NHS choices website…it is shocking and very worrying, countless numbers of people are running out of meds. Something has happened within the last month to their tracking system ( so they say ) but they are just not doing anything to help anyone and people are left high and dry.

It’s disgusting that the NHS continue their contract with them, they must have broken so many conditions.

I can’t believe it I thought it was just me! For a few months I have been having delivery problems.(arriving at the wrong time when I was out & them leaving a note to say I have missed my delivery) Last month I waited in on three separate occasions eventually they left them with a neighbour, I didn’t ask them to. The delivery men just blame HCAH and say don’t blame me!!! I have complained & they just make out it’s very unusual. My friend has BUPA deliver her Rebif & don’t have any problems & just give a two hour slot for delivery. How can we change all this & to a different company? How frustrating!

I posted about my horrible experience with HAH a week ago and got several people telling me similar things had happened to them. I am in the process of changing to BUPA Homecare. It seems to me that HAH can’t continue to function in the way they are doing and I don’t want to be relying on them when they go under. Just my personal view, obviously.


I haven’t posted on here for a number of years so hello to everyone who remembers me and to everyone new. I have twice today waited for an hour each time to get through to Healthcare at home due to 2 failed deliveries Friday and Today. I keep getting one story then another. I was previously on Avonex for 6 years with no problems with deliveries but after a few years break restarted them in January and the service has been diabolical. They have not phoned to arrange deliveries I have had to chase them and then deliveries do not arrive when they say they will. They now tell me they will deliver tomorrow but I will believe that when I see it. They are telling me that they have changed couriers and that is what is causing the problems with the change over not being as smooth as it should have been but like I said to them it is not the couriers that phone to organize the deliveries in the first place but them so its not just the couriers fault. We will see what tomorrow brings. Out of medication now but from what I see on the internet a lot of people are in the same boat so something is seriously wrong.

I didn’t think we could choose who we were with or I would definitely change.

Thank you for your replies.

I finally got hold of them today and they are supposedly going to deliver tomorrow but I will believe it when I see it.

I have asked for someone senior to contact me so knowing I am not the only person adds fuel to the fire.

This needs sorting as I have not got the time to chase them. x

Wow! And I thought I was having problems with Evolution!

I missed the problems that they had last autumn, only had to ring them once to book a date for the next delivery.

However, they are due to phone next week to arrange next month’s Copaxone drop - if they don’t, I will be onto them (listen for the standard “we called, but you did not answer”) and will also e-mail the local Copaxone nurse.

Watch this space!


I am still waiting for my delivery and haven’t heard from anyone in management but I am not suprised.

I can feel a battle brewing! x

I am still waiting for my delivery and haven’t heard from anyone in management but I am not suprised.

I can feel a battle brewing! x

Hi Emma

Like you yesterday I was told they would deliver today after 2 failed deliveries this week and I said I will believe it when I see it and a lot more lol. Checked tracking online this morning and no delivery scheduled but was about to do the dreaded hang on the phone for another hour when they turned up with a different courier and he had 3 sheets full of people to deliver to so will keep my fingers crossed for you x

Hi Emma, I commenced rebif last year, and for the first couple of months the delivery’s were great. Then around November last year I had a catalogue of bad service from HAH, with no delivery poor information and short notice cancelations. I posted on this forum and several others had issues too. I emailed the CEO via linked in and copied my MS nurse into the email as it’s the nhs trust who buy the service from hah. I received a letter back explaining they have had issues with rebif because they had taken a contract over from another company and had poor stock levels. Not what I wanted to hear! Since the letter I have had two months of normal delivery, I hope this continues!! I really hope you start getting a better service, I would complain to hah and your MS nurse (if you have one) or the hospital you attend. Jane x

Hooray it arrived but I haven’t had a phonecall yet!

Hi I was previously on Copaxone and had no problems but switched to Avonex last April. All went well at first, except didn’t get a ‘welcome’ pack. Since around September I have not had one straightforward delivery. I have waited in for deliveries that failed to arrive on a number of occasions, had deliveries arrive unexpectedly and I have had to phone to arrange the deliveries as no one gets in touch with me. Last month I ran out completely and no delivery arrived. Hope things get better soon. I will mention it to my ms nurse to see if others in my area are having problems too. Good idea to email the CEO, I’ll try that if things don’t improve : ) Pen