Healthcare at Home anyone else having problems?

Spoke to Elaine yesterday who assured me someone would ring me back but I haven’t heard anything yet .

She did say the phone had been quieter which was an indication things were better!

Or because I’m gettin a bit cynical about the current probs with HAH, it could be because all phone calls are being held in some cyber hole somewhere!

Now let’s be fair to HaH. They have just rung to arrange my next delivery.


I had a stressful time with HAH before Xmas but since then no problems and they delivered on time this morning and even remembered the new sharps bin too. Hope it continues.

Just got my first delivery of Fampyra from HAH opened the box and its full off Chemo medicine for someone else. My names on the box but all the paperwork inside is for someone else!!!

Rang them and they said they will send a courier out this afternoon with my Fampyra…

Phoned to arrange my delivery as no one had phoned me and I had run out. Should have been delivered today, I phoned to ask what time it would arrive and told no delivery has been arranged. I was told that notes had been made on my computer record but the information hadn’t been passed to the MS team so a delivery could be raised. This is now four times since October that HaH have failed to deliver! They promised to deliver tomorrow which means I will be a day late taking my Avonex , again.

To owl ( and everyone experiencing problems with HAH), I can change provider because I’m buying Fampyra from them myself. You are right that anyone getting dmds has to accept the provider that their hospital has a contract with. My advice would be to write a letter or email of complaint to your hospital every time HAH mess you about. I have put in a complaint direct to HAH about the service I received. Like I said earlier, I just cannot believe they can stay in business when they are so terrible at what they are meant to be doing.

Yes I have had problems with HAH for many months. I have complained to Them many times to their managers, supervisors . Today I was so fed up with Them I Rang my M.s nurse & she said we are having a lot of problems with HAH and she said the more people wo complain to their nurses, consultants The better, they are having meetings about it. She also said we used to use BUPA and they were bad then but seem a lot better these days. My Copaxone driver said they shouldn’t give time slots because they can deliver When they wish in the day!!

Hi guys

HAvnt been on this forum for ages. But just had to look & see if anyone else was having major problems with HAH. It used to work fine, but the changeovers have resulted in there being no level of service. All the regular drivers have gone. I suspect they do not have enough drivers now to cover the deliveries and the new drivers have to cover too many drops in the allotted time in an area they dont know.

Well 3 failed deliveries & run out of copaxone now. They even call to say the driver is coming & weboth know that’s a load of rubbish. The eta section on their website says no delivery is due to us.

Fed uip with being told we are 50th in the queue & it will take an hour to answer my call. Husband has a delivery of Enbrel an arthritis drug, at the same time & he is out of stock now too.

I dont have a regular MS nurse - last one retired last year and my consultant has gone. Dont know the name of my new one, never met him/her. LEft a message with Copaxone, neurology dept at local hospital, my GP & tweeted HAH, sent numerous emails etc etc…

Latest is a delivery today; but not holding breath. I am at work & husband has to stay in all day watching the driveway. Of course their website says no delivery is due today so I’ll be gobsmacked if anything turns up

OK rant over. I could go on & on about the delivery problems in the last 6 months.

Good luck to all who are waiting.


I spoke to someone high up in the medical world today and she said complain to your local commissioning board. I’ve now changed to BUPA Homecare (not an option for people getting dmds). I got my first delivery today, in the two-hour slot they texted me last night. So different to HAH!

Hi Sewingchick - thanks for the tip

It used to be agood service but since the restructure; its basically pants & each dept doesn’t know what the other is doing… Copaxone is a dmd so cant change. grrrr.

O!G this is turning into a massive nightmare! !i phoned HaH last Friday to tell them I had run out of Avonex and no one has phoned to arrange a delivery. Delivery arranged for Wednesday. Avonex didn’t arrive on Wed. Promised for Thurs but didn’t arrive. They said they would send a courier but that didn’t arrive. On Friday they agreed again to send a courier. Phoned at 4:30 to check it was on the way and told that there had been a problem but it would arrive tonight. I’ve just had a call to tell me it won’t be coming and when I asked to speak to someone who could explain why I was told there were no managers or supervisors on duty until tomorrow. The customer service worker told me she understood completely how I felt and I said I didn’t think she did and she said she did cos she had skin cancer and then hung up on me! Should have taken my Avonex on Wednesday. I’m feeling helpless here. What can I do?

OMG - my drugs have just arrived! Parcel is battered to hell, box squashd and label says delivery on21 MArch which was our original date. I could have hugged the courier. Just told him he was a sight for sore eyes. I had no supplies. nothing; Cant tell you how relived I am. Hubby too, for his enbrel; but he only jabs once a week. Sorry just so excited & sorry for not recognising your probs. I spoke to my local hospital, my GP, Copaxone, - basically anyone who would listen & I thought could kick ass on our behalf. Previous poster suggested local medical commission - I didn’t know there was one till I googled my area to discover a GP from my surgery was part of it so that was my nect step. Hmm, still think I will register my complaint…Really hope you can get a drug drop.WE dont inject for fun. :slight_smile: Fingers crossed you get your avnoex. HAH are just pants.

Wow! Jobun I am happy for you : ) let’s keep on complaining though. I can’t stand all this stress and palaver every month and if I can’t take my meds on time, what’s the point? X

Absolutely, stress is nto good for us and hubbyy’s blood pressure was sky high. Really hope you can get yours resolved. Terrible thing is - there is no-one you can get speak to without spending a fortune & spendign hours in the queue… & hugs Jo

Just wanted to make a suggestion to people who have a delivery scheduled for a particular day, which doesn’t arrive. This worked for me when my delivery didn’t arrive. The delivery was rescheduled for a few days later. I rang as soon as the lines opened on the day the drug should have come. The drug had not been put on the van. I cried because I couldn’t see how I was ever going to get it. The woman I was speaking to (Elaine) said she would try to arrange a courier but didn’t know if it would be possible. I rang every two more times to find out if Elaine had arranged a courier. I was on hold for at least half an hour each time I rang and spoke to a different person each time, neither of whom could tell me if Elaine had organised a courier. They both promised they would ring back and tell me but never did. I was on hold ringing for a third time when the courier finally arrived.

So my advice would be: keep ringing them, from first thing on the day your delivery is due; be as polite as possible but explain to each person what having MS means and how important getting the medication is; try not to get upset yourself - if you can, treat getting your medication as a job of work; try not to get stressed when you are left on hold, make sure you have something to read or watch (being on hold for a very long time is just part of the HAH experience); keep notes on everything that happens with HAH so you can be very clear when you write your complaint; complain to your local commissioning body each time HAH mess you about. Obviously, this is all only applicable if you are not working and not possible otherwise.

HAH are terrible but my experience is that the people who work there are normal, compassionate human beings who respond well to polite, reasonable requests. Also, if you keep ringing up and pestering them (in a polite way) you will have a better story to tell the commissioning board when you make each complaint about HAH. If lots of people complain to the commission board, I really believe HAH will have to change or will go out of business.

Good Morning all and glory be, my Avonex haas arrived this morning! Good advice Sewingchick, I have been speaking to Elaine too since Wednesday and have phoned each morning and then afternoon since Wednesday. The HaH staff are not at fault, I think it’s the system they have to work with and also they are clearly understaffed which is why we get put through to the ‘overflow’ team. The whole process of allowing the NHS to tender out services encourages companies to cut corners to offer the cheapest service. So we get underpaid staff trying to deliver an over stretched service. The staff I have spoken to have mostly been apologetic and polite and clearly frustrated that the system is failing. Something is clearly going very wrong as so many of us are not getting our medication on time. I believe it’s the budget cuts and the back door privatisation being forced on the NHS by the current Government. A labour government at the next election is our only hope of saving our NHS. Good luck to all who are still waiting . X

Well my 4th delivery was due this morning and it hasn’t arrived! Am concerned and shocked to read about the number of issues you have all had with HAH. Unfortunately I cannot contact them by phone until Monday when they reopen however I have been able to email them. I am due to take my next injection on Tuesday so I am hoping they can sort something in time. I shall also contact my MS Nurses to let them know, particularly if it helps the cause to find a more reputable supplier for us all!

I suppose I am lucky in the fact that only once previously it didn’t arrive as scheduled, but at least I got a call during the morning to explain and they delivered on the Sunday for me.

I missed taking my rebif for over a week because my rebismart machine broke so rang to get new one delivered and this did not happen…they told me multiple times wild be delivered following day…even have answer machine msg saying so but nothing turned up. When they finally delivered I had missed 4 injections. Terrible service.

Update Its not the individual staff at HAH who are at fault & I agree I am sure they are just as frustrated as us that the drugs are not getting to us on time. they can promise us the world but inreality it aint happening.Thye promised & swore blind for each 4 delivery attempts that the drugss would be deliverd & yes they were on the van and for the last 2 times, yes they would give the driver our number to call when he was close by etc etc. blah blah And each time this was a load of nonsense. I dont doudt they gave the info in good faith; but the communcation between their depts is non existent. When our drugs did finally arrive at 8pm on Friday night 2 weeks late, ( I had run out of stock) the driver confirmed he was a subcontractor to a subcontracted company & was not allowed to have our phone number. They were working through a backlog. He had 4 sheets of deliveries. I am in in Sussex and in my area the depot is now Maidstone & judging by the condition of the parcels I reckoon they had been sitting in the depot for 2 weeks ie from the date they should have been delivered. HAH really need to get their subcontractors in line & sort out communication with them. Its no wonder that the drug tracking isn’t working if the drugs sit in a depot for 2 weeks. they dont know their ass from their elbow. Unbelievably a guy called up in Thursday night to arrange our next delivery. When we found out we didn’t have any stock left he jsut didn’t know what to say. Well we shall see if anything turns up on Tuesday. Now this would be the right & normal delivery scheduled time under the old way. Apolgies for th along paragraphs - seems my PC doesn’t want to do new paragraphs tonight