Healthcare at Home- issues?

We have been contacted by a journalist who is looking into reported problems with Healthcare at Home’s medical deliveries.

If you have been affected and would be willing to share your experiences of Healthcare at Home with selected media then please contact Fiona Callister on 020 8827 0208 or

Thanks very much, Stewart (admin)

Hi Stewart,

I’m not sure if you’ve read my experience from HAH but I’m going to email Fiona for SURE!

They were meant to deliver my one month delivery today but haven’t. I’m out of Rebif from this Friday evening.

I have run out of my medication AGAIN because of this terrible company. I get fampyra from them, and if I miss a dose it makes my MS much worse and I never fully recover back to how I was before missing the dose. I am doubly fed up now because I wrote a long post about this on here today and it has disappeared.

Does anyone get fampya by any other means? I have no confidence with this company. They are unprofessional and disorganised and they are destroying what mobility I have left.

I am new to hah but I have had nothing but trouble with them first of all the lady on the end of the phone was very rude when I rang to find out where my order was? She then told me it wasn’t coming as there was a problem with the computer and it wasn’t processed however after coming off the phone I had phone the parcel with my copaxone injections and a broken sharps bin so I rang again to explain about the sharps bin and basically got told it was my fault after speaking to someone else another day and them apologising I got the order of a new sharps bin processed which has been delieverd 3 times I don’t really know why? I then received a parcel which was a cool bag and travel sharps bin which was a avonex set and I am on copaxone I still haven’t received my welcome pack sharps bin diary for the copaxone The service of hah is really not good enough if having to inject yourself everyday isn’t bad enough then have the stress of not having the right equipment… Please can someone contact me about this thanks Louise

I wish we that we could all unite in a petition or something to show our discust with such poor service. I almost feel that HAH is playing with our MS treatment. Nothing is being done about it.

I run out on Rebif this Friday evening. I’m expecting a delivery on the 2/7/14 but doubt they will even turn up at all.