Connections/Healthcare at home/Copaxone

My blood is boiling… anyone else here have to deal with “Connections” or “Healthcare at home” (whatever they’re called) for delivery of copaxone or similar meds?

They have completely forgotten my delivery today leaving me with no meds until thursday. Part of their promise was to supply me on time AND I should have 2 weeks worth of stock here due to unforseen weather conditions for their drivers at this time of year.

Yet another day off work I cannot afford, waiting for their 8am to midday delivery which I know will turn up at 16:30pm as usual. I rang this morning they initially said hey cannoy deliver until 19th Dec… Until I completley kicked off and advised I’d be driving to their depot today to collect in person…

Absolutely livid.


Hi Keith

That is totally sucky!

How on earth did they manage to let you fall so low in stock that you ran out???

I’ve been lucky I guess, never had a problem; they even offered to deliver to my workplace but I arranged for Saturday deliveries to home.

I would lodge a formal complaint and inform your consultant/MS nurse about the failure in service, this should NOT happen.

Hope you get things sorted soon

((((hugs)))) to lower blood pressure


Thanks Clare. They said I could not have a courier at weekend as was due today technically should not have ran out… except they didn’t show so I have. AARRGGHH. Absolute A*ses.

Hope everyone else here however, is having a positive smiley day :slight_smile: x !!!