my copaxone been delivered today

hi all

was phoned up on friday to let me know my copaxone was being delivered between 8am and noon, I was up at 6.30am in anticipation, could not go back to sleep so got up, its a good job I did it was here at 7.45am this morning rang MS nurse to let her know its here in the fridge,

I had been trying to find something since finding out I’m going onto it to keep cool and to take them in while I go on hoilday but its all included could not have asked for more, even got a rucksack which I will be using when I go next year to go on the plane.

Al x

Hi - yes its really good that they deliver so muc.

If its not already in the rucksack, you can get a travel sharps bin, gel pack & storage/travel bag.

good luck with the jabs! :slight_smile:

thanks for that there was a little mini sharps bin, gel pack plus a holder to put the injections in to keep them safe and cold, I will be asking ms nurse if the gel pack is for me to use while traveling in a bag to keep everything cold its as if they have thought of everything

Glad your stuff came, ive just done my 6th injection feel like a pro now, well actually ive done 3 and hubbys done 3. it feels like xmas getting all your goodies, julsiexx

yeh they are great have been on copaxone injections now for around 4 months and has become as every day as brushing your teeth feel much better for it too, last month i got worried because my injection sites were very itchy, but as i was told that went away after a couple of weeks so persivere and it will get easier and yes you may have the occasional feeling of do i have to but it seems to be getting easier and i havnt had any severe relapses only sensory ones since i started so it all seems posative xx sami

Good luck! I hope it goes really well for you!