First HaH delivery :-{

My first delivery of Avonex is coming today and I’m terrified end despite not having training until the 29th I’m terrified and getting all worked up :‘-( I can’t imagine what I’ll be like on the 29th :’-(

It can be surprisingly liberating and empowering, doing something very real to counter MS. Think of yourself a a warrior princess: MS has had things its own way, but on 29th the fight back begins, and you start to regain control!


It’s arrived and I’m crying!!! How can it make me cry!!! :cry:

I remember my first copaxone delivery & the tears were flowing before the delivery guy left - he was lovely and said it was quite common… Oddly it wasn’t the sight of the syringes that started me off - it was seeing the sharps bin!!!

It was the sharps bin for me too especially when my little boy asked me what it was and what I had to put in it :cry:

Started Avonex last month. Nurse came to show me how to do the injection. She was brilliant and I felt really re-assured. Have done 5 jabs now. Felt a bit rough after 2nd one, achey and stuff. Haven’t felt much after others. Good having one jab a week. 10 minutes and its over for 7 more days!

Good luck with your treatment. Hope it goes as smoothly as mine.


Thank you all for your reassurance but I think they will still have to pin me down after they’ve found me :cry:

rebecca you will be fine, ive been on avonex 15 months now and as bob ses 10 mins once a week and thats it done!! i do mine fri evenings just my preferance i sit in the armchair my wife goes out to the kitchen makes herself a cuppa and in that time its all done oh she brings me a nice cold beer in… gd luck and dont worry… TC…