1st delievery of Copaxone on Monday and worried

Hi all

I have found out I get my 1st delievry of Capaxone on Monday and was was wondering what happens next cause really worrying about it.

It was bad enough that I had to ring to find out when I'm getting the first delievery cause when they rang me I was out doing my shopping. But all got told was when it was being delivered.

I know my MS nurse said something about someone one would come and show me how to use it etc but have no idea who it will be.

I know this may sound stupid but I can't help worrying about it.


Allie xxx

Hi Allie,

In my experience the copaxone was delivered, along with sharps box, travel pack etc... and it was then up to me to contact my MS nurse to arrange an appointment at the clinic the following day  - may be different in different areas though...

Understand your anxieties, I remember when I got that first delivery I sat for ages just staring at the stuff.  But, don't worr,y once you've been taught how to do the injections and done it yourself a few times it just becomes second nature. 

Good luck, Carrie

Thanks Carrie

I did phone my MS nurse on Friday when I found out and havent heard anyting back yet so will have to see what happens on Monday.

Will have to see what happens and I think I will be ok.


Allie xxxx