First injection tomorrow :(

Hi, just thought I would share this and vent some feelings! My copaxone package came today and for the first time since my symptoms started in Feb, my hospitalisation in Oct and my official diagnosis in December, I feel like it has all got very very real. I have been coping pretty well but when the package came and my Ms nurse rang to arrange a time to show me how to inject myself tomorrow I began to realise what I was taking on. I can’t believe that this time last year I only had to worry about completing my degree and I thought that was difficult! Little did I know what was waiting round the corner. Sorry to sound so glum, I don’t know why it’s hit me so hard today. I struggle talking about it with family so I thought I would let off some steam on here like my MS nurse told me too! Beth X

Apart from diagnosis, my MS never felt so real than when my Copaxone was delivered :frowning:

With any luck, that injection tomorrow is the start of you taking back some control from your MS - fighting back!

My first injection was surprisingly painless, but it did sting quite a bit afterwards. Make sure you take the syringe out of the fridge well in advance (half an hour plus) - cold Copaxone stings like heck!

It might be worthwhile you thinking about a routine before you inject tomorrow - so you know where to do it! I did a clockwise rotation from left leg (Saturday), right leg (Sunday), right hip (Monday), right tummy (Tuesday), alternate arms (Wednesday), left tummy (Thursday), left hip (Friday). That way, I could always work out where I was supposed to be injecting if I couldn’t remember (not uncommon!). Don’t forget you’ll have an audience tomorrow (i.e. the nurse) - might influence your choice of Thursday’s location :slight_smile:

It soon becomes routine and the “OMG, starting a DMD / injections!” low mood wears off. You’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Karen x

hi beth

you’ll be fine. copaxone is easy to fit into a routine.

i’ve been sticking needles into myself for 4 years now.

yes its a horrid reminder that this ms thing is real but a bad relapse would be a far worse one.

carole x


I am on copaxone too,and yes it will become second nature very fast.Even though I have done 10 full cycles now using all of the sites my memory is shocking so I still use the diary that comes in your pack.

I fill it in a month in advance so everyday I look at it and it tells me where to do.

I fill up the bag with the days of the week marked on it so I have a weeks supply out of the fridge at a time so I dont have to worry about warming it.

I would advise if possible to have someone with you when the nurse comes so they can also learn how to do it.My daughter and hubby were both there as some sites are hard to reach, so they use the autoject and do them for me if they are in. They would never do it manually but will do it with the gun as my daughter calls it.

May be too much info but I am a mass of stretch marks (I did warn you) and that affects where I can inject.My nurse was horrified when I asked her to draw on my hips where I could inject but we took a photo and then we all have a map to use showing top,middle and lower in each site which gives hubby and daughter confidence and helps me when I am trying in the mirror to do it.

I haven’t relapsed since starting so despite some lumps and bumps I will keep my copaxone over the others anyday.

Good luck and by the time you have tried each site it will already be getting easier.


Hello, Thank you so much for your replies it made me feel better going in and doing it after talking to people who have experienced it. I found the needle very painless (the actual prick) but the injection as a whole I found quite painful, it stung a lot (I took it out the fridge well in advance and warmed it with my hand) and it is still sore and very tender now 3 hours on but I know I will get used to it and my MS nurse reiterated what you said Karen about looking at it as a positive thing so I will try and do that. Thanks again for your replies. Onwards and upwards, Beth

I have my 3rd shot of avonex tomorrow. It must be the norm for the reality to hit when the drugs arrive. Its the same with me. The way i look at it is atleast now i’m doing something about this ms, not just waiting. Avonex is a muscle injection, so i get to avoid the site reactions you describe. Its a pain but everyone who has been using dmd’s say it becomes part of your routine.

Beth, you’re my MS twin lol. First symptoms in Feb, hospital in Oct and diagnosis in December. I started on Copaxone and day one wasn’t too bad but on day 2 it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was driving home from hospital after an IV steroid which took 8 attempts to get the line in and I was coming home realising that I had to inject myself again. I started crying thinking “this is my life now, hospitals and needles”

A month on and I barely think about the injections. As per the nurse I take a weeks worth out of the fridge and leave them at room temp. I forgot the other night and had to take one which was still slightly cold and it hurt like hell.

It’s surprising how quickly it becomes “normal” to do it.