Worried about the copaxone injections...

… Help!! On wednesday the delivery of copaxone arrives, with the first injection with the nurses on friday… Any suggestions on how to make this better , easier or generally more enjoyable very welcome! Jo x Ps… Yes I am very worried and stressed about it

Hi Jo! Remember you are doing this for the betterment of YOU! Do not worry, the Copaxone Nurse will take you through it at your own pace and explain everything in plain English. If you are not used to being around needles you may find it very strange; just remember that you have had injections in the past, these one don’t hurt half as much. Ping and it is done. You get to practice before you do it for real. If you have a favourite cake, fruit, choccy bar etc that is your best treat then make sure there is one in the house of Friday for you to sit down and enjoy when it is over; just keep saying ‘sooooon I will eat you my lovely treat’ to yourself and it will go easily. There are a few niggles with post injection site that some people (but NOT all) have. If you find you have any unwanted after effects then ask here for much useful info! But the most MOST important thing is to remember that this is no hassle, loads of us do it every day - it becomes part of the daily routine very quickly! We’re all here for you and know the nerves you’re feeling. It wil be fine, you CAN do it!!! Clarexxx

Hi Jo, you’ll be amazed at how easy it will become, you won’t believe it! Manual injections are the easiest, and I find that if you grip the flesh a bit, before injecting, it’s not painful. You won’t believe it, but I can give myself TOTALLY pain free injections, and you can too! By the way, I feel so much better not even 6 months after I started Copaxone, it’s really worth it. You can do it!! Good luck, and feel free to ask me for any further advice about it. Anneliese x

I can honestly say that injecting Copaxone ended up being a complete doddle. I always injected in the morning as part of my getting up routine. If there was any stinging or itching then I really didn’t notice it too much because I was busy doing other things. And if I forgot to do the injection, I still had all day to remember! The first couple of weeks are the hardest - you’re not totally comfortable and it feels quite alien to be sticking a needle in yourself. BUT it honestly soon becomes just one of the things in the morning routine: pee, wash, brush teeth, inject, deoderant, underwear, clothes,… You’ll be fine :slight_smile: Karen x

hi jo welcome to the copaxone … please dont worry about injecting, i was scared of needles and got really wound up, but today ive been giving myself copaxone injections every day now for nearly 4 months and i do feel better for it just take your time take all the advice you can itll be a doddle after the first couple of weeks it does become like brushing your teeth xx good luck if you need any advice at all were all here xx oh and the sting you get does ease in time xx sami

Thank you everyone! I will take all info into my muddled brain, and try to comprehend by Friday!! Oh what fun!!! Jo x


I was on Copaxone for 3 years and I am going back on it. It was fine - no side effects. You might get the odd injection site bump here and there, but it really is a doddle with the doofer thing. Just keep the sack of stuff they send you out of your sight until you go for your first injection.

Steffi xx

Just follow the advice from Clare and Karen - build it into your daily routine.

eg: get up, lay the kit out, load the auto-injecter, look at the hand on a watch and when it gets to a number - PING.

15-20 seconds later, unload the autoinjector into the sharps bin, fill in the diary, pack the kit away, fire up the PC and start the next bit of my routine.
(e-mail, BBC News, Pentax forum, MS forum, odds and ends)

There is a slight bee-sting effect (very slight) and when that is over it’s shower and dress, and take myself down stairs.

Simple routine.

Sometimes you will not feel the needle going in at all, and the bee-sting will not start for about a minute - you start to expect it when you have the routine cracked. Do not forget the diary! This makes sure that you rotate the injection sites. (I fill mine in for about a week ahead when I get to Sunday).

In a few weeks time, you will wonder what all the fuss was about.


I inject, don’t like the auto system, i apply pressure to the site first,(my accupuncturist does this befor he needles me ) it seems to deaden the area. i nearly always get lumps, itching and bruising but figure it’s worth it.

good luck

I have been using Copaxone for 2 months now and was absolutely terrified on my first injection. I counted to 10 whilst the injection went in and when I got to 8 I realised that it hadnt really hurt. It does sting afterwards but you get used to it and it varies from site to site. It really is easy to do and it genuinely does become part of your routine. I do have to get hubby to the awkward to reach ones which he finds very entertaining!! I use the Injector2 pen and at first got a few bruises but that has stopped now. I am still a novice, but have no hesitation in doing my injections which if you asked anyone who knows me well they would say that can’t be true!