Copaxone first injection today...not sure how I feel :-(

Well today was the day I had (with the help of my MS nurse) My very first Copaxone injection. I was emotional to say the least…some of that due to the pain but then some because today I realised whilst pushing the needle into my skin that this was for real. felt dreadful all afternoon - really drained. Not to mention the dead leg feeling. Dreading flying solo with it tomorrow… that is all (for now) x

Hi Amanda,

You’ll be fine - easier said than done I know, but try not to think about it. I started Copaxone on February 4th and have had no real problems to speak of. I agree, pushing that needle in does bring it home that it’s all real and definitely happening, but you’ve just got to keep thinking that it’s all for the best. I would recommend using an itchy skin relief cream like E45 after as I’ve found that this does help to reduce the redness and also, if you suffer with the bee sting type feeling take an anti-histamine tablet. Also, try to inject when you feel relaxed (again, easier said than done when you’re injecting yourself!). Good luck!! Sarah xx

hi amanda

you will be fine, honest! it doesnt feel like it now but after the first couple of weeks it becomes part of daily life.


good luck

carole x


Please try not to worry. I remember when I did my first injection on my own (many years ago now) I felt a lot more relaxed than when the MS nurse was there. Why? Well I was able to do it in my own time, sitting comfortably in my own home. Just get all of your things ready (including a the cold pack thing), then sit and relax while you warm your injection up. Holding it in you hand for 5 mins or as I do, put it in your bra for a 5-10 mins. Then when your ready do the injection. Just take your time, there’s no pressure at home, if it takes 10 mins to build up to it, great, if it take an hour…so what (although your cold pack might not be very cold if you wait too long.

Once you’ve done the injection, if it stings a bit, put the cold pack on for a few mins as it really does help.

If you feel worked up, do a few long deep breaths to relax yourself.

Good luck



Hi Amanda, When I did my first Copaxone injection with the ms nurse, she thought that I wouldn’t do it as I was so nervous, it took quite a while for me to push that autoject button. When I did the 2nd injection without her, my husband was with me and I stupidly chose my hip area to do so he had to help me as I couldn’t see or reach the spot on my own. Therefore I wasn’t in total control of pressing the button etc. I remember that I cried and kept saying " I’m not ready " so it took ages and husband got nervous about my crying so he pinged the needle when pulling it out of my skin so it was a little bit fraught to say the least. I would definitely recommend that you choose the next few sites as places where you can see what you’re doing clearly and that you are the one in control of the autoject. Do it when you’re relaxed and you will find that it will become just a regular run of the mill daily chore. xx

B strong i have been doing it for 4 mth now just another part of the can do it

Hello Amanda

Ive been injecting with avonex for 9 years now and remember the first one in the presence of my ms nurse; it was a will I won’t I situation for sure I did after about 15 minutes of patience and encouagement on her part.

the next week came and I took the injection out of the fridge to allow it time to come up to an acceptable temp, oh i was ready to go but then I thought I’ll just have me tea first so it joined me at the table just sitting there waiting patiently; took me about an hour after I had finished eating before I bucked up the courage to take the sheath off the needle!.

It got better, I became more adept at injecting dispite the odd botch up.

It does remind us of the reality of the situation, but I like to think of mine as the friend who helps me; help myself manage my MS.

One day you will amaze yourself at the ease in which you can do this.

Joysee x

Thank you everyone xx. I did the first one flying solo this morning and was amazed at how different it was to the trauma of the first ever oné with the nurse yesterday! I had the intention of doing it waork as soon as I got in, but decided to check my emails, make a cup of tea, check the diary etc first. I then realised I was just putting it off lol so just went for it. Amazed that I felt no pain the needle going in today…I just had the awful burning sensation for about half an hour afterwards. I feel much more confident about hte jab tmrw now :slight_smile:

Great stuff Amanda. Glad you managed it with no fuss. Use the cold pack to help with the burning sensation, it will have it sorted in about 5 mins.


I didn’t get a cool pack…they said they have stopped providing them now cos some people weren’t using them correctly!! I have a gel oné I keep in the fridge for cooling down after martial arts…would this be the same thing?

hi amanda,

congratulations! you are a brave ms soldier.

i have 2 cool pads (they are gel) although my copaxone nurse told me to use a warm pad?

i just use it at room temperature and only when i inject my arms and legs.

carole x

Hiya Again.

Yes the gel pads are the same thing. I get mine out of the freezer when I’m getting ready to do my injection so that it’s not too frozen when I might need to use it. If you’ve already got one you’ll know that they don’t stay really frozen for too long so they’re ideal to use after injecting because you don’t get frostbite. lol


It does get used to fitting the injection time in. Sometimes am ferrying people around so in the past have done my injection, waited about 10 mins (apply cooling /anti itching cream) then off in the car! Keeps my mind occupied rather than thinking about the post injection sting!