Hey all,

Just did my first injection of copaxone last night!! It was easy with the autoinjector and although i caught a blood vessel, it didn’t hurt at all. Yes there was a sting but it went after less than 2 mins and i haven’t even got a lump or bruise!

I am so happy, i am now fighting this MS and i feel better than i have in nearly 2 years! Not saying its the copaxone of course, just that doing something about it makes me feel better!

Little apprehensive aboult doing my jab alone tonight but i am confident that i can manage, and my copaxone trainer was really nice and i can get hold of her anytime should i need to chat or cry lol!

On another note, my neck pain has been horrendous the last week, can barely move my head and my leg has got a really tender spot on my thigh, and if i so much as even touch it or brush against something it causes really bad pain. Hoping that its not a relapse (again) and it will pass. Been horrendously tired all week too, could literally sleep for a month!!!

So, to end on a good note, i am kicking MS’s a** in one way and although it wont go away i am taking steps to keep it under my control, kinda, feeling very posistive today!!

Laters xx

Really pleased for you. Great post for the start of a “feel good Friday” for me (well I hope I’ll feel good…)

Can I ask please, how long ago were you diagnosed? and how long did it take for you to start on DMDs. In fact what was the process, did you have to wait for MS nurses to contact you?

I am one week post DX and in a slightly better place than limboland at the moment.

I want to do something proactive to fight against the MS but at the moment, cod liver oil, vitamin B and D looks comparable to a spud gun up against an atomic bomb!!!


Well done Lea x It’s the first injection that’s the hardest I remember crying when I did mine,so emotional!

Well done, the first one is the hardest. You’ll be fine doing it on your own. MS - take that!!

Tracey x

Yey…well done !! Xx

Hi, thats great hun. Youve got the positive attitude which can be a chuff to find sometimes, eh?

I get very up when starting something I really hope will help me.

But I do come down with a huge crash, if it doesnt deliver what I hoped for.

But no, let`s not dwell on the down side.

Re the pain in your leg…is it neurological?

Onwards and upwards eh?


Hey all,

Thanks for all the replys and i feel much better knowing i doing something about it. Have one question tho…i have had terrible back pain on the side that i have been doing the injections, is this normal side effect or am i in relapse again?

To number08, i was diagnosed on 22nd july this year. so not that long…i found my own ms nurse myself on the nhs website,there numbers for ms nurses in your area are really useful and although i initially rang the wrong lady, she put me through to my right ms nurse quickly and she phoned me back the very next day. I only started dmd on tuesday, so it can take a while my i think thats quite quick for dmd from july…neuro sorted it out quite quick i guess. Hahaha not on any vits right now but i know what you mean, something is better than nothing. If i can help more just message me.

The pain in my leg is half neurological and some is spasticity i think from limping etc. Gabapentin is helping as always but waiting for physio is horrid and i guess waiting lists are horrendous as not heard a peep.

Ist jab was hard, not scared or anything just hard to accept that it has to be done every day. But saying that i have found it easy…not bragging! I have slight sting, no lumps and appart from this back pain, no other probs.

Any help would be great, should i ring ms nurse anyway?


Well done you I know exactly what you mean when you said about feeling like you are doing something to fight MS I felt exactly the same when I started on the injections. I haven’t had any back pain as a result of the injections but that isn’t to say that it is a side effect. I would suggest giving your MS nurse a call to discuss things even just to reassure you of the combined symptoms. Good luck with the next injection

Number08. I was diagnosed in 2002 and had various relapses over the years, had a serious one this year and was finally prescribed Copaxone as I finally fitted the criteria. The horses had already bolted though. It begs the question what is the point.

Thanks Leamills and Louiec77 for your experiences for starting on DMDs. I guess I will wait for either a call from a nurse, my next neuro appointment or hopefully not, a relapse.

Hopefully I can start on something soonish and start sticking two fingers upto the MonSter.

Hope your injections are still going well and the sting is getting easier.