1st Copaxone jab!

Well to keep you updated, at last, I finally started on Copaxone today. I have been an emotional wreck this last week, felt like my world was ending!! I’m not sure what I was expecting but thankfully it all went fine. A bit stingy and itchy after the injection but seems ok now. Hopefully that’s the worst of it over now and I don’t want to stress like that again!! Xx

hi debs

try not to inject when you’re stressed and all worked up.

its easy to make a mistake

so calm yourself beforehand

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole. I actually feel a thousand percent better now I have actually started it. I’m hoping not to be that stressed again! Xx

good debs

if i’m too tired i sometimes hit a nerve in my arm - ouch!

or sometimes i yank the needle out before its finished.

i’m quite an old hand with copaxone (5 years) but thats what i mean about needing to be calm and relaxed.

carry on jabbing!

haha ha! sounds like an old film with barbara windsor and sid james in.

carole x

Ha ha!! I was just so stressed about the whole thing. I’ve been quite happy feeling like a hypochondriac for the last two yrs!! Starting this makes everything so real. I’ve had to promise my little girl, she’s 8, that she can help me on Saturday. Pretty sure that would fit in with a carry on jabbing film lol!! Now I’m thinking about Nerves, how am I supposed to not hit them if I don’t know where they are?! Also. How have you been while on Copaxone? Thanks debs xx

Well done you. I started at end of July with copaxone, now it is just part of everyday life. The stinging gets me quite a bit in my legs and arms but I can live with that. I haven’t had any other side effects which is good. Good that your daughter wants to be involved. Hopefully she won’t be scared of needles then. I agree you need to be calm when you do it, a couple of times I haven’t got the needle in straight away I then tense up and makes it so much harder to do. Then you calm yourself and it goes back to not being an issue. Good luck tomorrow Barney

Hi Debs, I also started copaxone last thursday…so far so brilliant! No problems and i haven’t had any itching, stinging yes, but i dont find that its too bothersome. Staying calm is a good idea as when stressed i ping the needle when i remove it and it stings more. However, i keep catching blood vessels and bleed a bit sometimes, again how can you avoid them if you mcant see them??? Keep in touch, we can compare notes lol Lea xx (p.s. my return button not working???)

Thanks for your responses, is so nice sometimes to know that you’re not he only one! Just done my thigh wih the auto inject, looked so easy when my nurse did it for me yesterday, oh well practice makes perfect and all that!! And thanks Barney, I agree it is nice my little girl wants to be involved.if it stops her from worrying so much, she can be involved as much as she likes. Hi leamils, yes it would be nice to stay in touch to compare notes. It’s comforting to know that others are going through the same experiences. Sometimes things are so strange and you don’t know if you’re going mad! Mind you lol think I already am!! Debs xx

hi debs

when i said i sometimes catch a nerve, its not as drastic as it sounds.

just when i do my arms, occasionally its like i banged my funny bone.

i’ve been very well on copaxone

carole x

Thanks Carole! I had all sorts of things running through my head!! Glad you’ve done well on Copaxone, hopefully it’ll suit me as well. Debs xx

i think its because my arms are too thin.

my ms nurse told me to inject into my bingo wings. i said i havent got any.

she course you do, everybody does.

but i don’t!!

carole x

Ha ha, lucky you!! Well hopefully I’ll be fine then as unfortunately I have them!! I always knew there was a reason for me never being skinny!! Debs xx

Hi Debs34 and Leamills, I started on Copaxone yesterday (9th Oct). It’s good to know others who have just started on the same treatment. Yesterday I injected my left thigh using the autoinject2 with the nurse and did my right thigh at home this evening. The needle going in didn’t hurt but the stinging sensation that followed about 30sec after I took the needle out caught me by surprise. I feel a huge sense of relief now that I’ve got started with the Copaxone. Partly because I feel I’m fighting back at the MS and partly because I felt very anxious about doing the injections and it doesn’t seem too bad now I’ve had a go. I hope you both continue to get on ok with it. RedShoes xx

Hi Redshoes, I had that stinging and itching off my first injection on Wednesday. Yesterday was my thigh and there was nothing. No stinging, no itching and no swelling. I altered the depth of the auto inject to 6, so maybe that was what made the difference? I have no idea. Good luck with your treatment, I hope you get on well with it. It would be nice to stay in touch to compare notes of you want. Debs xx

Hi I’m in urgent need of advice on what to do … I recently got diagnosed with MS … I haven’t started treatment yet or know what type of Ms I actually have but the past two days and deffo today i really haven’t felt good at all … I’m feeling abit worried and not sure weather I would be silly to maybe visit a&e because of it … I’ve got a horrible burning sensation in my brain / head and all down my neck and face … I’m feeling very sick and keep burning up …and I’m feeling very dizzy and light headed. panicking as I’m having heart palpitations too… getting nunbness in my left hand too! Do you think I should get it checked out in hospital or wait for Monday to see my gp!

Anonymous, I’m definitely not a medic but wonder whether you’re suffering from new to MS stress. You’re obviously very concerned which is awful, maybe you could phone the NHS helpline 111 as a starter?

btw Welcome to the Gang even though like us all you’d rather not be a member!