Copaxone started today

Hi all Started on Copaxone today have been feeling really nervous all week been trying to hide it from all my ffriends. The nurse was lovely and really helped going through everything and allowed me to take my time and ask lots of questions. I needed this as never thought I would decide to just inject and not use the auto injector. I just found it so clumsy but know it’s there if hands not good enough to hold the needle. I feel quite pleased with myself for managing to do it. But wasn’t expecting the stinging feeling that sstarted about 5 minutes after. That is tough but sure Iwill get used to it until my body gets used to it as they said that was quite normal. I slept for several hours afterwards and the site reaction had almost gone which has pleased me. Feel like I now have some control over this disease now just hope it works. Least I feel like I am doing something to try and help. Sorry for the long ramble on Barney

Yep start on it next week, let us know how you get on, thought the auto injector was supposed to make it easier. Good luck.

I thought so too I’m sure people do find it easier. Good luck. Feeling nervous about tomorrows injection on my own

Good luck Know exactly what you mean about doing something to fight back

Hi barney, I started in May and so far so good. I use the auto injecter on my hips as I can’t reach to do it manually. I cried for about 3 hours after doing my first injection…I think realisation kicked in! the stinging does feel a bit better in time but doesn’t fully go away. I found a cool gel pack helped… like the ones for sports injuries…I got mine asda for a couple of pounds. hope it continues to go well for you xx

Hi, have used the Auto injector since starting Copaxone in March 2012. The idea of doing it without would make me nervous! (And me being a nurse as well ) The sting is something I got used to, the hip ones are the most problematic. The sting varies on the depth as well!

Hope it carries on ok


Thanks Amanda it’s good to know how other people’s experiences. I will try thr cool pad.


I agree the cool pack after injecting normally works a treat for that horrible sting after injecting. In time it does get better though, it only stings me sometimes now (I’ve been on it for a few years) so I keep the get pack in the freezer just in case.

Well done for being brave, the first one is always the worst.


Hi Vince and Sue thanks for the messages. The stinging was a real shock yesterday but it is good to know it does get better from people that are actually using it

Hi Barney, How do you get refill prescriptions for Copaxone?

Just done my second injection. Stinging like mad tried cold pack eased a little. I am expecting a call in about 2 weeks to arrange th second delivery and then will receive a delivery every 4 weeks. But feel good for being able to do the injections. Had more problems after I seemed to close sharps box too much but did eventually get in to it.

I’ve never done it by hand (chicken), always with the Autoject.

But the skin site reactions do reduce over time (and then you stop worrying about them), the stinging reduces a bit as well (my Copaxone nurse says that the sting proves that it has gone in), and after two years - with no relapses for 16 months or so - I will put up with the sting.


Agree with you Geoff would rather have the sting than another relapse like I did in April

Received cool pad in the post today :slight_smile:

Had my first injection today and was shown how to self inject for Copaxone, it stung like a mutha, felt like the worst bee sting, will defo be using the cool pack from now on.

I’ve been on copaxone a few weeks now after feeling very unwell on Rebif & switching. I’m thrilled not to have the flu like symptoms plaguing me for half the week. But the injections do have a whopper of an after sting. I use the ice pad afterwards for at least 20 mins & also take antihistamines, which have lessened the insane itching/welt. I think the stinging may also be lessening slightly too, but still have a few sites which developed a hard lump under the skin. Any injecting tips from hardened C users? I am very slim but my nurse advised to use the deepest auto injector setting as apparently if shallower the skin reaction can be worse. I have noticed the auto injector seems to ‘fire’ off centre too. Can’t help, but the Rebinject was the same. Hope all other newbie users are getting on ok. Anne

Witchhazel gel is also apparently very good to lessen the sting.

I seem to have found that injecting into my legs is worse gor reacting and did bleed a little. Still have some reaction on other sites and the sting is a killer but learning how to handle it glad I have a good pain threshold. Thanks fo the ffeedback will get some witch hazel gel next time I’m out and can get some. Trying to do four days at work this week. Take care Barney

Eeek you inject manually! How brave! My autoeject thinger broke once and I had to get my husband to stab me as i couldn’t face the idea of watching the huuuuge needle jab into my skin. It was a bit of a disaster him doing it too tho. Just wanted to confirm the sting gets less bad and also to say make sure when you’re taking the top off the needle you don’t hit the point as even the tiniest graze dulls the point and makes it hurt like a b*tch. Also if you remove the excess air (dont think you have to but I do as idea of injecting air freaks me out),make sure the tip is free of drips. Also makes it sting more. Cold pack works but I’m now 9ish months into injecting and haven’t used the coldpack for a good few months now. Good luck with it all.

As an aside, was talking to someone in the waiting area who was asking what med I was on, he was going to ask his specialist if he could get a private prescription for Fampyra as his friend uses it and can now walk more or less unaided, I found this amazing if true, as Copaxone is only to stop relapses which i’ve been suffering from for 3 months and can do nothing for my current problems with walking. Has anyone tried this? If so can it be obtained through a private prescription via your NHS specialist? Would have liked to have chatted more with him but my nurse called me in for my appointment. Apologies for going off topic but can’t get this out of my mind now.