Positive Copaxone??

Hi All

Just wondered if anyone had any positive stories of copaxone? I have just started at a half dose on Friday, move up to the full Does a week today as i’m going away. I have to say reading everyones posts i was really terrified about staring this but i havent found it sore at all. I have a massive fear of needles so have been told to use the auto injector which i have been, done both sides of my tummy and one thigh, it’s slightly nippy afterwards but i hardly feel anything at all when the injection goes in and like i say i am really really scared of any type of needle! Has anyone else got anything positve to say about Copaxone?

Hi I didn’t realise you could start with a reduced dose for copaxone. I don’t actually use the auto injector found it too clumsy during the demo, but that is me think I feel more in control just using the needle. Glad you are having a positive experience. I don’t find it painful actually doing the injection but it is about 10 minutes after but that is now reduced after 3 months apart from the arms but they are a month behind. My sites seem to be doing really well, no hard areas and no severe reactions my ms nurse has been really pleased. I am happy with the choice i made. Hope it continues being positive for you and well done Barney

Hi Barney

I didnt know this either until i went for my fist dose, slighty worried about the full dose but if i can manage the half dose i’m sure the full dose with be fine


I find the Auto Injector much easier but i think i could do the needles but it is a very personal decison as to what to take

Hope that helps


Been using the auto-injecter since June 2011.

One relapse in October 2011 and one in Feb last year. I might have had one a couple of weeks back - my relapses are only extreme fatigue - but this could have been due to antibiotics.
No lumps that last for more than a few days,like Barney says you don’t feel the needle - just the sting afterwards. That does not last for very long.


Hi I swopped from rebif to copaxone around April/May and I really like it. Yes I get lumps and sore patches and yes initially it can sting soon after the injection but this only lasts a few minutes. The stinging also eases off after a couple of months so shouldn’t last. So far that’s it though. I stuck with rebiif for six months, changing hours at work so I didn’t have to work the next day (because I couldn’t)I really wanted to see if I could beat the side effects but eventually…after 6 months I gave up the fight and swopped to copaxone. I am soo glad I did. Yes I do get mild side effects but basically I inject and off I go again! No flu like symptoms or tiredness etc etc…I have found it so much easier to fit in to my life even though it is daily. I use the auto inject. I wanted to do it manually and although I gave it a go my hand wouldn’t let me. The autoject is not as clever as the rebif Rebismart but is easy to use. Good luck Mish x

The auto inject is the best option as trying to inject yourself appears to be too fiddly and I prefer to just look away and press the button.

I think it is really a personal choice whether to use auto injector or not. The nurse that comes out let’s you practise as many times as you want. I went through all the different options and then made a decision and then practised again before I did it on myself. I do use the little wings gadget that you put the injection in so more to hold on to than just the end of syringe. Good luck polar bear Barney

Hi, im confused by your post. I am also on copaxone and have never heard of a half dose, or why you would start on a half dose. I thought the injections were all the same dosage? Anyway the best advice I can give is to take a weeks supply out of the fridge at a time. Half an hour out of the fridge isnt long enough, and makes the sting worse.

I thought it was a full dose too but my MS nurse told me to start on half the dose, it’s a pain because i have to discard half the injection into the packet then my needle in my sharps box, the packet just just goes in the bin

Thats really strange! How do you know how much you’re giving yourself. You know, if I was you I’d give the TEVA helpline a ring and ask their advice, thats a lot of money to be throwing away as well. I really have never heard of this before! You’ll find their number in all the info you’ve been given.

I am only going by what my MS nurse told me to do, she showed me where to push the plunger up to, i have no reason to disbelive her so will keep going until i have to give myself the full dose, it’s only another week till full dose anyway

Sorry if Ive confused you, anyway, taking it out of the fridge early is a good tip, and changing the depth of the auto injector is important, for example, I use an 8 on my tummy, and a 6 on my thighs. Hope that helps anyway.

I’ve never heard of half dose/full dose and like i say i have no reason to dis believe my nurse, i guess everyones ms is diffrent and once i get used to it i will know what is normal and not for me, at least that’s what i hope for!

I started on half dose too, just had to push plunger to between the ‘o’ and ‘p’ on the syringe, down the sink then injected the rest… I think that was for a couple of weeks then on to full dose. I presumed it was like lots of medication where you start at lower doses then increase.

Glad to hear you started on half dose too Tay, thought i was going a bit mad there for a minute!