Starting Copaxone

During the next few weeks I will be starting Copaxone, three injections per week. Does anyone have any experience with this and how did you feel about self-injecting?

i have also changed my diet to vegan and sugar free in a bid to help symptoms. Has anyone else done this?

It’s taken 3 years but as of a couple of months ago I was officially diagnosed with RRMS.

Can’t say I’m handling it that well, but I’m trying to remain optimistic and positive.

thanks in advance,


Hi Amy

It’s a good while ago, but I injected Copaxone for about 5 years, back when it was daily.

I never had any side effects from the drug at all. Subcutaneous injections are a weird thing to get your head around, but actually much easier than you think. The needle is tiny and you can get an autoject device so you don’t even see the needle go in. Mind you, I think more people have injection site reactions and / or bruising from the autoject, doing it manually is better for you, but try with the autoject first until you get used to it.

And as for getting your head round having MS, good luck with that. It’s crappy bad luck whichever way you look at it (unless you compare it to getting something worse!).

Trying to remain optimistic and positive is all well and good, but allow yourself a bit of whinging, moaning and a good few ‘Why me? It’s not bloody fair, right or proper! This was not supposed to happen to me!’ moments. A bit of self pity is (in my opinion) necessary in order to keep your sanity. Because it’s not possible just to remain optimistic. That way you allow the bad feelings a bit of space. You will have those moments, it’s only normal and human.

Best of luck with the Copaxone.


Copaxone served me well for 10 years, admittedly at 1st I dreaded the needles, but they become like second nature after a few weeks. I’m a baby & I always used the Autopen, just make sure you alternate the injection sites, it will be ok. Some people have flu like symptoms apparently, I didn’t, but these side affects should be short lived.All I can advise is try it & see how you go, there are other DMDs, so there will be 1s that you can try if Copaxone doesn’t suit. Good luck

Hi Amy I used copaxone for 2 years then had my little boy and came off it while pregnant. I agree with Sue about injecting it your self as the auto injector left me with a lot of bruising. I did have sum site reactions from time to time but on the whole I found it ok. After I had my son I started using tecfidera as I didn’t want to inject anymore but if I ever have to stop taking tecfidera I would probably use it again. Good luck with it all it’s very daunting at first. Charlene x

Hi Amy, just wondered if you’re still using the Copaxone and if so, how’s it going? I’ve been injecting Copaxone for a couple of weeks using the auto pen. About half the time the injection sites bruise and are sore for a few days after. The injection site is pretty painful for about 30 minutes after the injection which isn’t great but I suppose that’s par for the course? I can’t say I’m overly enthusiastic about it but I’m hoping it will become second nature before too long.


Hi John If you can, give manual injecting a try. I have been on Copaxone for 5 years now and have always manually injected with no issues. I had heard that autoinjecting sometimes causes the issues you have maybe because of the force with which the autoinject uses into the skin.

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John - I gave up the autopen many years ago and manually inject - gives you more control & I just use tummy & thighs - rotate the sites round - admittedly it can be painful at times but not all the time… good luck