Anyone just started on Copaxone?

Hi, has anyone just started on Copaxone and if so could you share your initial experience (good or bad) please? I was diagnosed with MS on 2/9/13 and am going to start on Copaxone very soon. Thanks.

Hi RedShoes. Sorry to hear of your dx. I don’t have an answer to your question, but try posting it on the everyday living forum. I am sure loads of people will be able to help.

Good luck

Angela x

Hello I was diagnosed with RRMS on 20/08/13 and started on Copaxone a fortnight ago. I’m manually injecting rather than using the auto injector (it looks a bit brutal!) and was surprised how okay it actually is. That’s not to say that it’s all been plain sailing, it absolutely knacks when I inject my thighs - I think I’ve been hitting a muscle and I woke up this morning to an itchy red rash on my arm where I injected yesterday… But hopefully I’ll find what works best in time - there are lots of videos on YouTube showing different techniques for different areas. It’s a bit of a drag having to inject every day but it’s just a couple of minutes really (apart from when I’ve done my legs - I’ve had to sit with an ice pack on for a while after those!) and hopefully it’s going to make a difference. I hope this helps - please just ask if there’s anything specific that you’d like to know and I’ll try and answer. Hope it all goes well for you. K x

Thanks for the tip Angela - I’m sure you right about there being lots of people may have some info. K, thanks very much for your reply. Sounds like you’re doing well injecting without the autoinjector. I had heard it might hurt quite a bit, but as you say, perhaps with more experience you can find a way of injecting your thighs without as much pain. I just want to get started ASAP because I feel like I will be doing something that helps (hopefully) or at least fighting back! However my MS nurse said it would probably be 4wks until the syringes are delivered and she can do the training with me. I hope you continue to do well with Copaxone. Xx