Hi folks can anyone on this tell me please the real world benefits theyve felt from it and any issues theyve had from it not the stuff written on paper as ive read and read and seeking folks personal veiws of it many thanks in advance

respect sheep

Hey, I started on Copaxone at the start of March. As above, I have had to stop injecting my thighs as they react badly.

I sadly am having relapse after relapse. Quite nasty ones as well. I’ve been referred back to my consultant to see if I need to up to second-line treatment. It just doesn’t seem to be working for me :frowning: .

L x

hi sheep

i went on copaxone straight after my dx in 2008.

all was fine for the first 5 years but my injection sites started hurting so now i only do my bum and my left arm.

it really did work in that i had no relapses until earler this year.

you really need to keep the skin on the injection sites healthy.

i use double base gel.

good luck

carole x

Many thanks for the info folks on the 21st im going to request Copaxone and see if i can persuade ms nurse and neuro to allow it and see what they say they as i feel after reading the publications and info here its my best interests

regards sheep

Hi Sheep

I started taking Copaxone in March and can’t say I have had any difficulty with it. Yep it still stings sometimes and I end up with a raised red area around the injection site for a few days and sometimes a bruise or two but apart from that it has generally been fine. I like many of the others find the thigh area the worst - but having spoken to the ms nurse now inject further in front of the thigh and it’s been fine. Do find sometimes I end up with a dead whatever afterwards i.e. my left arm after the last injection there thursday has ached and throbbed ever since - funniest bit is tho that if I hold my arm upright it goes… quite commical at work for a bit of pain relief or trying to sleep at night with your arm upright but hey ho if you can’t laugh life would just be …

Can’t honestly say if there have been any benefits yet (but like I said only been on in 5 months so a bit early to tell). I have had a couple of relapses this year - since taking copaxone but seriously I think the effects of the drug have not started properly yet so will keep my fingers crossed.

Hope all goes well with your request and good luck