I have been on copaxone for 10 months, starting to get dents and bruising but no relapses so dont want to stop. Had a copaxone nurse out yesturday who said I need to inject in more areas as I was just using thighs and bum. She said love handles not bum and start using stomach. So I tried manually yesturday and although I normally get red lumps this didnt seem to bad but its so tender and sore today. Just done other side of tummy and its still sore 2 hrs later. I can cope with this but just wondered if others has this and if it got any better after all this time or am I fighting a losing battle thanks zoe

hi zoe.

thats the areas i only inject. it was a little tender on the tummy at first but did settle down. ive done this for more than 3 years now. i can only suggest that you use a cool pad on your intended sight first for a few mins as it will numb it a little so may be a little less painfull for you.

atb MTT

Hi I’ve been on since the start of March this year (sadly relapsing since!). I did my thighs/tummy and hips but stopped my thighs as was they were constantly sore/raised/itching and began to bruise. My treatment nurse agreed about me stopping to give my skin a break but wanted me to start my thighs again. I did them yesterday and today Her tips are to dab the site with witch hazel immediately after and then the following day, massage the area often. She suggested using bio-oil or something similar. I’ve been doing this on other areas since the start of June and it is helping. We shall see if it works on my thighs. I also take an anti histamine daily on her advice. What about your arms? I have tried there but it is a site that can be used? L x

hi zoe

i’ve been on copaxone since 2008.

you’re still in the first year of treatment and things will still be settling down.

for the first 5 years verything was fine with me but the last 12 months my stomach and thighs really hurt when i inject.

i now tend to just do my arms and hips.

my ms nurse said to just make sure i do a daily injection.

i’m still waiting for my consultant to arrange the larger dose needles 3 times a week.

that would be ideal for me.

star - you need to inject the back of your upper arms (sometimes called bingo wings)

good luck

carole x

Hi Zoe, I have been manually injecting copaxone since beginning of March. I alternate right and left side and use arm, lower back/kinda top of bum area, top of leg and stomach in rotation. Tend to get terrible bruising on tummy and top of legs but that tends to fade quite quickly.

3 months later and each time I inject it stings and I end up with a raised red area for some days but so far no lumps have appeared - my skin is very much left like an insect bit and itches like crazy…

Not sure any of this helps but I were advised to rotate injection sites as much as possible and not to go to the same area within 7 days (ie i do upper arm, upper bum, upper leg, tummy left side then same right side then next week middle arm, middle bum etc etc)

Good luck :slight_smile: