New in copaxone

Hi everyone, I began my copaxone journey last Tuesday so on day 8 now and have had no problems apart from the sting but today as soon as I injected it has come up as a big lump on my thigh and it really stingy today - is this normal please advise ?? Thanks Kellie

Hiya Kellie

Yes, unfortunately this is pretty normal with Copaxone. I find that some places get big red lumps more than others. It does get better the longer you are on it but I still get them sometimes. Last week I didn’t get any reactions on any of the sites, this week I’m having a nightmare! My histamine levels are up at the moment due to late season hayfever, so the site reactions are playing as well.

It really helps if you massage the area with your usual body lotion, after 24 hours. This will help the lump go down and keep your skin in good condition.


Hi I get big lumps especially on my thighs they are the worst. I inject at night and they have reduced dramatically by the morning and then gone by the following evening. I started my journey at end of July. The sting is getting better. Good luck Barney

In on weeks 3, they sting like a bee sting znd I get a red lump but it is gone the next day. Im only diing bum and thigh as I have strech marks on tummy and was told to leave that area does anyone injecy here. Zoe

I inject in tummy, thighs, love handles and arms. Give each area a rest before the next one. Does someone help you inject into your bum - sorry for personal question I wouldn’t be able to reach and control the needle. Have enough trouble with love handles.


I am a month in and finding it much easier to cope with and I am feeling really good . I was told just bum and thighes I am a bit of a skinny minny so theres not enough flesh on my arms and my tummy is a stretch mark road map at the moment.

It still stings and makes me flinch but it does seem to have calmed down and I dont get as red and lumpy.

Ellie xx

Sounds like u are similar to me ellie, I get my husband to do my bottom definetly couldn’t do that on my own as I was told to lie down for that one. My ms nurse said the pictures the leaflet give u are misleading and to use the area where jean pockets would sit and a small area on thighs. It would be good to hear where else as wasnt told about love handle area zoe