Hi, I have just started COPAXONE injections 3 times a week. It is called Brabio now. I would appreciate if anyone could let me know their experiences of using COPAXONE ? Thanks for any replies.

i was on copaxone for about 5 years.

it was a doddle, fitted in with my life and caused no drama.

i had to come off it because i had bad lipotrophy on my arm.

this was because i stopped rotating the sites properly.

make sure you rotate the sites properly!!

I was on daily copaxone injections for a good 7 years and really did not have a problem with them. The only real issue was it hurt to inject in the arm so I ended up leaving the arms alone and just used the other injection sites. The odd time I would get a raised red site irritation but that did not last long. The delivery of the injections was always good and never had any issues returning the full yellow bucket to the driver. I am on daily tablets now so that is better as not a human pin cushion any more but if I did have to go back to the Copaxone again it would not bother me too much. Hope it works well for you :slight_smile:

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My wife started daily Copaxone injections about 6 weeks ago. Seems ok,she had a bit of flu type symptoms to start with first few weeks but seems a lot better now.

Sometimes the injections sting and are painful,interesting what Delia says about arms as that seems the worst for my wife too and i do the arms for her so thought it was me! sometimes it leaves a little mark but usually cleared up by time she is rotating to same area.

She has wasted a few as her Ms brain fog meant she forgot to take the needle cover off the thing and fired it so just squirted everywhere but hopefully will be less likely to do that the more used to it she gets,saw the ms nurse the other day and thats her thoughts anyway and didn’t seem worried by this.

Overall i think its all pretty positive from her point of view,after 18 months of waiting to get diagnosed and for treatment atleast it feels like she is doing something and has a bit of control back.


When I was on copaxone I stuck to my thighs and belly area - occasional redness and pain but arms etc were a no no - too painful.