Anyone out there know about Copaxone?


I’ve only been diagnosed with RRMS last November and havn’t started treatment yet. (apart from 10mg amitriptyline every night)

On Tuesday I was told by an MS nurse about the choice of DMDs available and I thought perhaps Copaxone would be a good one to go for because it seems to have the least side effects. To be honest I’m writing here to see if anyone else has tried it and ‘what is it like for you?’ I’m feeling a bit hesitant to be honest. Take care, Ro

Hi there, I have taken copaxone and it’s was a doddle, the daily injection fitted in nicely with my daily routine. The only side effects I got we’re irregular periods. I’m off it at the moment as I’m pregnant but will go straight back on it once the baby arrives. It’s a good choice of med, best of luck x

Hi, I am on Copaxone, started in October. It is easy to fit into your lifestyle and once you get through the first couple of wks the injection site ease up I was really nervous, worried and anxious in he lead up to starting the injections. Copaxone is, however, nowhere near as bad as you think it is going to be. Good luck with our decision xx

Your not our!! X

Hello, I was on Capaxone for 10 years, but off now due to progressing to Secondary progressive MS. While on Capaxone I had no side effects at all. It just more and more difficult to find a suitable place to inject. I used the auto injector which I found to be easier. If you have any other questions just let us know, and remember everyone is different, your reactions might be different than mine. Good luck!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience of using Copaxone you’ve given me courage! Have a nice weekend! r

Hi Ro, I was diagnosed with RRMS last Sept and started on Copaxone 5wks later. Like you, I felt reassured that Copaxone is reported to have few side effects and on that basis I decided to go for it. Although I was very nervous about starting it’s going well and I’ve been feeling good. At first I was getting a pain like I’d been stung by a bee with each injection but now that rarely happens. As it’s a daily injection it’s just become part of my daily routine - something I do before going to bed. I use the autoinject rather than manually injecting and that was easy to get to grips with. Another positive thing is that Evolution, the company that delivers the syringes, has been brilliant. Deliveries coming when stated and staff at call centre always easy to reach and very helpful. Plus the Connections team of nurses are on hand to give advice over the phone about Copaxone use. Best of luck Ro, hope you are able to come to a decision soon. RedShoes xx

Hi I’ve been on this for 5 years and cope without any side effects. I have had just 2 relapses in 5 years. Previous to that I was on rebif for 5 years, with regular side effects of site reactions and flu type symptoms. Whilst on rebif I had 6 relapses. Hope this helps Neil

Hi Really helpful post as this is what I am thinking of going with also. Thanks all L x

Hi Ro I was diagnosed in Oct & started on Copaxone just over 2 weeks ago. It’s been very easy to learn to use the injector pen. I’ve only had sensitive reactions when injecting my tummy so have now changed to my hips instead. The bee sting feeling lasted about an hour at first at all the other sites (arms/legs) but is already beginning to lessen - today was approx 30 mins. I’ve had no side effects at all but have noticed some definite improvements in my symptoms. I know that this is not to be expected according to the main research studies BUT… After approx 1 week I started to feel like I did when on steroids ie alert, wake up feeling like I’ve slept, have energy to burn & no brain fog. I’m not falling asleep before the kids or feeling cold & wrapping myself up like a mummy every night. I know it’s only 2 weeks in but the only other time I’ve felt like this was when taking steroids after a relapse - I’ve had these symptoms for longer than I can remember. I saw my Neurologist today & he said that he’s had many patients reporting similar improvements & that Copaxone can work brilliantly for some people, so fingers crossed!! I chose it because it is well tolerated, doesn’t have the flu like side effects or fatigue & because it’s less likely than rebif to aggravate my thyroid condition. Hope that helps!

Thanks a million Lisama! Yes that helps a lot! Its great to hear you news about how Copaxone works for you. Gosh! I soooo know what you mean about the feeling of ‘brain fog’ tirednss and feeling cold at night. I’ve also had so many other things that we all seem to experience like weakness, funny sensations all over the place, darts of pain etc etc… I’m sure you know the story! But isn’t it great at last to know what it is and that it’s manageable.

Thanks again to all the other people in this conversation who posted lots of encouragement to my wee question.

Have a lovely weekend! bye r

Hi. I’ve been on plegridy for 19 months for RRMS. Flu like symptoms, fatigue, low blood counts still on going. Nurse mentioned copaxone to help with the flu side effects etc, but i’m still deciding. Has anyone made the switch from plegridy to copaxone, and what were the difference in fatigue etc. Thank you .

My MS doctor is suggesting I start taking Beta Interferon or Copaxone. I’m worried about side effects. How have people coped on these drugs? I’m thinking I’ll probably try Copaxone.

I’ve had both Rebif and currently Copaxone. I didn’t have any of the nasty side effect of Rebif but unfortunately it stopped working so I had to change. I started Copaxone and really suffered from injection site reactions and pain on injecting (I inject manually as I find the auto injectors make me jump and pull the needle out too quickly). I stuck with it and took a 1 a day antihistamine which helped with the reactions and used warm/cold pack before and after. I’m glad I did stick with it as it has worked well for me and those reactions subsided and now I have no issues at all. I really think you need just pick one and see how it goes, you can always change to something else if you can’t get used to it or it stops working. Good luck with whatever you choose. Ihope it goes smoothly for you. x